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Omnes Healing offers you:

Healing to Improve your Wellbeing

We provide energy re-balancing (healing) to help people’s wellbeing as follows:

At our FREE Online Healing Centre

FREE distant healing

Private healing sessions

Healer Development Courses

We teach a simple but powerful type of energy re-balancing (without external techniques), to the standards of The Confederation of Healing Organisations and the National Occupational Standards for Complementary Therapies.

A Supportive Community of Healers

We welcome ALL Healers / Student Healers / Reiki Practitioners, no matter what type of energy rebalancing (healing) you do.

Su Mason PhD describes Source Attunement Healing

Our course content is taught to the standards of The Confederation of Healing Organisations and
the National Occupational Standards for Complementary Therapies.

Join our Community of Healers

Omnes offers opportunities for spiritual and personal development and healing service. Our online community helps you to connect with other healers across the world. 

We are an inclusive organisation, passionate about providing equal opportunities and available to ALL healers (Omnes is Latin for ‘everyone’), no matter what type of energy rebalancing you do or other organisations you belong to.

It’s easy to join us as a member and inexpensive (For example, Associate Membership is  only £30 for a year).

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Interesting and Experiential Courses

Our healer training courses are designed to be interactive, engaging and support your spiritual development. We have been running these successfully for years (working within UK Healers and The Confederation of Healing Organisations Standards).

We teach a simple but powerful type of energy rebalancing (without external techniques) linking directly to Source energy.

We encourage healers to work on themselves to raise and maintain their own energetic vibration to be the best practitioner they can be.

Our next Foundation Course starts in Autumn 2023

Improve your Wellbeing

Perhaps you feel stuck or need some healing energy to help you cope with particular situations or simply everyday life?

We provide one-to-one energy rebalancing (healing) to help people improve their wellbeing.

We offer this FREE service  through the online Omnes Healing Centre. Alternatively you can book a private online or telephone appointment (only £15) with one of our experienced healer practitioners.


‘I was really amazed that an online healing was just as effective, with the same results, in the comfort of my home.’

Help Support our Free Healing Sessions

We offer free healing to anyone in need. If you would like to support our administrative costs of providing free healing at our online Healing Centre or our distant healing service, we would be most grateful.

Join the Omnes Healing Community Today

Membership & Associate Membership includes access to:

Membership (with or without insurance)

We welcome Qualified Healers who have trained with a UK Healers or C.H.O. organisation to be part of the Omnes community

Associate Membership

We welcome Reiki Practitioners & healers / healing students not trained by UK Healers or C.H.O. organisations, to the Omnes community

The co-authors of this book are both directors of Omnes Healing They wrote Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing’ with the intention of helping the reader to navigate their own life journey in a positive, highly vibrational way, by offering a wealth of useful, practical guidance, plus tools and techniques for doing so.

Available for Kindle and in Paperback

Bookshop supports local book businesses

ENERG-eased MP3 / CD

Many people need advice on how to protect their energies, to prevent other people from draining them. This CD / MP3 download shares strategies to help in daily life by guiding people through visualisations to raise their energetic vibration.

We offer these recordings to help people with pain relief, sleeplessness, tension in the body and an over-thinking mind as well as protecting their energy.

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