We Believe

Omnes Healing is an inclusive and unique organisation.
One that is guided by The Source of All That Is (the Energy of Unconditional Love).
We believe that this highest vibrational energy is present in all beings and is the core of all types of healing.
We advocate Energy Re-balancing (traditionally called ‘Healing’) through Attunement to Source, without external technique.
We believe that ‘Healers’ need to work at raising and maintaining their own energetic vibration whilst helping others and we teach ways to do this.
We believe that Healers should have a safe space to network and share thoughts openly and we seek to provide this.
We are grateful, excited and inspired by where Source is leading us!

Join an online community

For all Healers/Reiki practitioners.

Learn to be a Healer

To UK Healers standards or simply to give healing safely to friends

Have your Energies Re-Balanced

With Source Attunement Healing from one of our Healers

Enquire about our Workshop

'How to stop feeling drained by Other People' at work and at home

We meet UK Healers and The C.H.O. Teaching and Organisational Standards


Membership (with or without insurance) for Healers who have qualifications to UK Healer standards.

Associate Membership for healers who are not from a UK Healer organisation (e.g. Reiki) to become an important part of this on-line healer community.

ENERG-eased CD's

Many people need advice on how to protect their energies, to prevent other people from draining them. This CD shares strategies to help in daily life by guiding people through visualisations to raise their energetic vibration.

We offer these CD’s to help people with pain relief, sleeplessness, tension in the body and an over-thinking mind as well as protecting their energy.

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