What is Omnes Healing?

A Membership Organisation

A Membership organisation for ALL healers, no matter what type of energy rebalancing you do, or other organisation you belong to. Our aim is to unite and be inclusive (Omnes is Latin for ‘everyone’).

Join our online community to connect with others and share knowledge. Omnes offers opportunities for spiritual development and healing service.

An Organisation Which Teaches

Energy re-balancing to UK Healers and The Confederation of Healing Organisations standards.

A simple, but powerful, type of energy re-balancing (without external techniques) linking directly to Universal Source energy.

That healers need to work on themselves to raise and maintain their own energetic vibration to be the best practitioner that they can be.

A Provider Of Energy Re-Balancing

We provide energy re-balancing (to UK Healers and The Confederation of Healing Organisation’s standards), as well as workshops, to help people’s wellbeing by raising their energetic vibration.

Associate Membership

For Reiki Practitioners, healing students and healers not trained with The C.H.O. or UK Healers organisations, to become an important part of this healer community.

Membership (with or without insurance)

For Healers who have qualifications to UK Healers or The Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO) standards.

Join the Omnes Healing Community Today

Membership & Associate Membership includes access to:

Our private online discussion group

Our membership website resources:

  • Professional documentation for you to use (e.g. consent & GDPR forms)
  • Recommended reading list
  • Energy Protection Visualisation Exercises

Spiritual development workshops

Accredited healer qualification

To the standards of both UK Healers & The Confederation of Healing Organisations

Opportunities for healing service

The latest healing news, articles and updates

We meet UK Healers and The C.H.O. Teaching and Organisational Standards

ENERG-eased CD's

Many people need advice on how to protect their energies, to prevent other people from draining them. This CD shares strategies to help in daily life by guiding people through visualisations to raise their energetic vibration.

We offer these CD’s to help people with pain relief, sleeplessness, tension in the body and an over-thinking mind as well as protecting their energy.

Become the Hero in your story

How to cultivate a sense of adventure for the new decade! We all remember reading stories or watching our favourite TV shows when we were kids; the hero is exciting, always kills the dragon, has amazing adventures and comes out on top. It’s the archetype to aspire to. We grow up and, for most of us, the hero remains in

VIDEO: Help your Spirituality and the Environment


A Mindful Doctor on Integrity versus Burnout in Carers

When I think of integrity I think of honesty, trustworthiness, acting honourably and ethically,  with a certain strength and leadership qualities. Integrity is one of the core values of the medical profession that also includes caring, compassion, competence and confidentiality.  These are values that form the basis of all the caring professions and those opting to work in them generally

Four Things that Happen When You have a Spiritual Coach on Your Side

I’ve been coaching people for a long time now. I started in the business environment, but when someone wants to change either themselves or their life, it inevitably touches many different areas and not just work. I call myself a spiritual life coach these days – just because that journey of change is necessarily an emotional and spiritual one. If

Energy Re-balancing Supporting Wellness and Recovery in Addiction

These days, as healers we are more and more likely to see clients who need help with the effects of addiction. We humbly offer a snapshot of our experiences when working together in the past on several projects, as part of a team of healers, offering energy re-balancing to people in various stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Help your Spirituality AND the Environment

As a caring organisation, we at Omnes Healing have been thinking about how we can practically help our environment (apart from regularly sending healing to our amazing planet, which we already do). We know that one of the best ways of reducing carbon around the earth is to plant trees, so we thought a collaboration with a tree planting organisation


©2020 Omnes Healing

Now you can help heal the planet
whilst healing others - at no extra expense to you!

When you join Omnes as a Member,
Associate Member or Friend, two trees
will be planted on your behalf, to
help reduce carbon around the earth.

Every tree planted will not only restore
deforested areas back to their natural
splendour, it will re-create lost wildlife
habitats, stop soil erosion and absorb
CO2 emissions, creating a better future.

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