What is Omnes Healing?

Helping your Inner Light to shine

A Membership Organisation

A Membership organisation for ALL healers, no matter what type of energy rebalancing you do, or other organisation you belong to. Our aim is to unite and be inclusive (Omnes is Latin for ‘everyone’).

Join our online community to connect with others and share knowledge. Omnes offers opportunities for spiritual development and healing service.

An Organisation Which Teaches

Our healer training is to UK Healers and The Confederation of Healing Organisations standards.

We teach a simple but powerful type of energy re-balancing (without external techniques) linking directly to Source.

We emphasise the need for healers to work on themselves to raise and maintain their own energetic vibration to be the best practitioner they can be.

A Provider Of Energy Re-Balancing

We provide energy re-balancing (healing) to help people’s wellbeing by raising their energetic vibration.

‘I was really amazed that an online healing was just as effective, with the same results, in the comfort of my home’.

Associate Membership

We welcome Reiki Practitioners and all healing students and healers NOT trained with The C.H.O. or UK Healers organisations, to become Associate Members, as an important part of this healer community.

Membership (with or without insurance)

We welcome Healers who have qualifications to UK Healers or The Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO) standards to become Members

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Membership & Associate Membership includes access to:

Our private online discussion group


Regular Zoom interactive sessions


Our membership website resources:

  • Professional documentation for you to use (e.g. consent & GDPR forms)
  • Recommended reading list
  • Energy Protection Visualisation Exercises

Accredited healer qualification

To the standards of both UK Healers & The Confederation of Healing Organisations

Opportunities for healing service


Spiritual Development Workshops


The latest healing news, articles and updates

We meet UK Healers and The C.H.O. Teaching and Organisational Standards

The co-authors of this book are both directors of Omnes Healing.

They wrote Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing’ with the intention of helping the reader to navigate their own life journey in a positive, highly vibrational way, by offering a wealth of useful, practical guidance, plus tools and techniques for doing so.

ENERG-eased CD's

Many people need advice on how to protect their energies, to prevent other people from draining them. This CD shares strategies to help in daily life by guiding people through visualisations to raise their energetic vibration.

We offer these CD’s to help people with pain relief, sleeplessness, tension in the body and an over-thinking mind as well as protecting their energy.

Be Kinder to Yourself

Simple Self-Love: The Top 10 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself Starting Today “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” – Henry James Being kind to yourself in everyday life is in in my experience one of the best things you

The Consciousness of Animals Part 2

Do animals have the same consciousness as humans? Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, in the book, The Magical Approach, talks further about the consciousness of animals: Seth: ‘You do not need a human intellect to be aware of your own consciousness. Animals, it is true, do not reflect upon the nature of their own identities as man does (pause), but this

The Consciousness of Animals Part 1

Do animals have the same consciousness as humans? Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts in the book, The Magical Approach, states the following: … ‘animals do reason. They do not reason in the same areas that you do (intently). In those areas in which they do reason, they understand cause and effect quite well. Their reasoning is applied, however, to levels

Limitless Beliefs That Transform Us

Too often we get stuck due to our own personal limiting beliefs and behaviours. These may seem familiar to you: I’m a failure I’m angry at myself I don’t deserve this (experience, person, place) How come he/she always wins and I don’t get a chance? Why is this happening to me? The cause of these limiting beliefs: Fear. Let’s not

Free Healing during Healing Awareness Week

Free Healing during Healing Awareness Week (3rd to 9th May 2021) After a number of sessions of receiving online sessions with Omnes I would like to reassure people that the effects are just as powerful as sessions with them in person plus there’s the added benefits of not only not having to drive somewhere and to be able to relax

Renaissance or Retirement? Part 3

Training with Omnes made everything make sense. Why didn’t I know about the human energy field before?  I was aware of the need to nourish and exercise my body and mind, but totally unaware of the other vital (and most neglected) part of me – my energy system, MY LIFE FORCE. But looking back, I did know about energy, I

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