A Mindful Doctor – Explains How to Develop Peacefulness

 How do I start to Develop Peacefulness?

A good starting point to develop inner peace is to find a quiet place and sit in silence for a few minutes.

While sitting, start by thinking of some words that may describe peace for you, such as: calm, safe, relaxed, silent, and tranquil. Then you can go on to visualise a place in Nature that you associate with peacefulness. A place where there are calming sounds such as waves on a shore, a stream in a wood, and birdsong in a garden. Describe to yourself the colours, shapes, textures, and even the smells of the peaceful place. Use all the senses to enrich the feeling of peace.

Build Awareness of Peacefulness

Besides contemplating on peace, you can built your awareness of peacefulness by writing affirmations down on a piece of paper and put them somewhere around the house to remind you.
Phrases such as I am a calm, I am peaceful, I am relaxed, can be posted next to your computer screen, on a mirror, on the fridge door, or on the dashboard of your car.

Another way of reminding ourselves that we wish to be peaceful is to collect quotes on peace and write them down in a journal, or as with our affirmation statements, put them in prominent places.

Having pictures or photographs in our homes or at work, of happy and peaceful situations help to create an atmosphere of peace.

Deepening the Experience of Peace

The experience of peace is deepened by setting aside a specific time for daily meditation to become familiar with who we really are. That is, we are essentially at our core peaceful human beings. We can say to ourselves with confidence, I am a peaceful being or use the Sanskrit phrase, Ohm Shanti.

Dr Craig Brown

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