A Mindful Doctor on Appreciation

Being appreciative can act as a switch to being hopeful and positive.

You can start to learn to be appreciative by thinking of three things in your life that you are grateful for.  Common examples are; family, friends, nature, your health, and the fact you have food to eat and a roof over your head.  Acknowledging these aspects of our life, that we often take for granted, can remind us how fortunate we are, and can help us think more positively.  A good tip is, when you are a bit anxious or feeling low, think of something you are grateful for.  Notice when you do this, how you are in a more positive frame of mind.

Some people remind themselves of three things to be grateful for by writing them down in a journal, or simply bringing them to mind last thing at night.

Appreciate Yourself too!

What is more difficult for many people is thinking what is it that they appreciate about themselves.  Is it your patience, caring, determination, and enthusiasm that you like about yourself?  Are you able to say to yourself?  ‘I really appreciate that I am a patient caring person’.

When appreciating others, rather than saying the usual ‘thank you’  try and be specific about what they have done, and comment on the quality they have shown. For example, ‘thank you for bringing a cup of tea. It was thoughtful of you.’  By being specific and recognising their quality it makes the person feel valued, and you feel good about it too.   

Getting into the habit of being grateful of the good things in your life, making a point to appreciate others, and finally appreciating yourself, is good for your well being.

Craig Brown

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