A Mindful Doctor – On ‘Energy’

‘Energy’ is a term that has a variety of meanings, and is difficult to tie down to a definition.

Last Monday morning I asked my regular meditation group to spend 5 minutes contemplating what ‘energy’ meant to them, and we then shared our thoughts.

One person said, ‘energy’ was a spectrum between feeling lethargic and being full of vitality. When she had lots of energy she could do things and found that she was more creative. However another lady who was prone to mood swings said when she had too much energy she became anxious, so for her it was about getting a balance.

Energy as a Life Force

One of the men in the group said he saw energy as the life force within himself and was something he could pass onto another and receive from them. One lady elaborated on his contribution by saying she was sensitive to peoples energies, some people she felt attracted to because of their positivity and others she tried to avoid because of their negativity. She also said she sensed an energy of a place such as churches and in Nature. As we had been walking in the garden in silence before this discussion everyone seemed to agree that one can sense the energy of Nature.

Personal Energy

Returning to the theme of personal energies, and how it varied throughout the day, most people in the group said that they had more energy in the mornings, ‘the larks’, and for a few it was more in the afternoon and evening, ‘the owls’-. Others were a bit of both, and it was pointed out that energies seemed to have a seasonal variation, having more in Spring and less in the Winter. Finally, an ex-teacher pointed out that adolescents are owls, wanting to sleep more in mornings and learning better in the afternoon and evenings.

Universal Energy to Benefit Others

I shared with them that healers act as channels of a Universal Cosmic Energy to bring healing benefit to others, and in doing so avoid the feeling of being drained. This simple concept was welcomed by the group as many were carers for family, or in a professional role and it was something they could do in practice.

At the end of every meditation session, we make a point of connecting to the higher Source to bring the energy of peace and love into ourselves and channel it to benefit others.

Dr Craig Brown

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