A Mindful Doctor on Ghosts

An old friend of mine, who was a very experienced healer, told me that if you come across a ghost, or any malign energy, it is important not to be fearful and to bring Light into yourself.

I accompanied him on several occasions when people had asked him to remove a presence or a negative energy.  Sometimes we would feel a coldness at the place.  I would learn with him to calmly and confidently bring a healing energy to the situation.

Once when I was on holiday staying at an old farmhouse in France with my family, two of the children, on separate nights, reported that they were woken by an old woman standing over them.  We later learnt that the previous owner died in her nineties after being a widow for thirty years.  Also when reading the visitors book several people had mentioned a strange presence in the bedrooms.

One of my daughters, who was only sixteen at the time, accompanied me to the bedroom.  There we both saw the curtain move and a cold breeze come in through the window.  Yet on checking, the window was closed.  We had prepared ourselves as a protection not to be fearful and bring down healing light from the Source. I told the presence, which I felt but did not see, that she was dead and no longer resided here in this house or this plane, and that she needed to move towards the light. 

For the rest of the holiday everyone slept well, and as far as I know the owner and her visitors have not experienced any more ghosts in the farmhouse. 

Craig Brown

The safe clearing of energies which do not rightfully belong in the
physical world is an aspect of the work and training at 

Omnes Healing.

We do not advise attempting such work, even at this most basic level,
unless you have been trained specifically to do so or are

accompanied by someone who is experienced in this work. 

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Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

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