A Mindful Doctor on Playfulness

Can you remember as a child going out to play in the snow?

You may have woken up in the morning and looked out of your bedroom window with the anticipation and excitement of seeing a fresh fall of snow.  Then, rushing down the stairs to tell your parents and being hopeful there would be no school, so you could go out to play in the snow with your friends.

Perhaps you have a similar memory of playing in the snow, but if not you can create an experience of fun and playfulness by creating such a scene for yourself.

Imagine you are a child, hardly able to wait and have your breakfast, get dressed in warm waterproof clothes and rush out into the deep snow.  You would feel the chill air on your cheeks and the crunch of snow under your feet.  And in a field ahead you run to join your friends to build a snowman together.  You all have fun throwing snowballs and whizzing, carefree, on sledges down the hillside, shouting and laughing.

Then at the end of the day, pleasantly tired you head for home to a warm house and a hot meal with your family.  You sit at the table with a great big smile on your face thinking of all the fun you had.

Our Inner Child

Perhaps you can conjure up other memories of childhood when you were carefree, spontaneous and playful.  That inner child is still within each of us, and needs to come out from time to time to lighten our lives.

Craig Brown

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