A Mindful Doctor on Spiritual Health

Holistic health can be described as the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Yet what does it mean to be spiritually healthy, and how can it be encouraged?

It is a question that has been addressed in many healthcare settings in recent years, and it is something all ‘spiritual’ healers should be knowledgable about. What are the healer’s intentions when healing, and what do they consider to be a successful outcome?

A recent publication,* ‘Your Spiritual Health Programme,’ sets out a practical approach for therapists, and for anyone with an interest in spirituality.  The booklet describes spiritual health under three headings;

1  Connection

This is the feeling of wonder and energy of life often experienced in Nature, or when engrossed in activity, being creative, or spending time with family.

2 Peace of Mind

That deep sense of calm, and being in touch with your inner values that gives meaning to life.

3 Compassion

Caring for others and being kind.

To keep our body healthy we need to listen to it, and respond by doing exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep.

For spiritual health we need to do things that we enjoy that keep us connected, help us be peaceful and compassionate. It could be walking in Nature, meditation, listening to music, being with family and practising kindness.

The motto for the British Holistic Medical Association is, ‘Physician heal thyself’, and encourages therapists and healers to start with their own wellbeing in all aspects of health, including their spiritual health.  This means you are a model for your clients, and are able to facilitate their spiritual development.

Craig Brown

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