A Mindful Doctor on Spiritual Wellbeing

What is it that lifts your spirits?  What makes you feel good about yourself and at one with the world?

Many people say that being in Nature is the thing that makes them feel settled in themselves, and in harmony with everything around them.   It may be walking on a beach, tramping through a forest, or climbing a mountain.

Whatever it is for you, the experience can be enhanced by asking yourself what is it that you really appreciate about it?  Is it what you see immediately around you, or in the overall view? Is it the sensations you feel, or the smells and sounds that you resonate with? 

When we look at the stars at night, or the beauty of the dawn, there is the feeling of awe and wonder, which seems beyond description, yet gives us a feeling of connectedness that lifts our spirits.

Other experiences such as listening to music, being in good company, reading an inspiring book, and being creative are all uplifting.

Being generous and kind makes us feel good; it is the giving without seeking reward that brings us benefit. Caring for others and being of service gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

A lady recently told me that being with her grandchildren was the thing that lifted her spirits most.  She said it was loving them and being loved unconditionally was what mattered.  I think that is true in all relationships; that love is the thing that lifts our spirits most. 

Connectedness, Love and Service

Spiritual wellbeing thrives on three things: connectedness, service and love. Developing a sense of connectedness to Nature and all beings, being of service to others, and to love and be loved unconditionally.

Craig Brown

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