A Mindful Doctor on the Joy and Liberation of Generosity

Generosity is a willingness to give without expectation of reward.  It is shifting the focus from my needs, to considering the needs of others.  Generosity is an expression of compassion. 

Being generous does not have to be a gift of something material, it can be a smile, a kind word, or giving time to listen to someone’s problems.  When giving with an open-heart it has its own rewards beyond the appreciation of the recipient. Such openness invites blessings.

When someone is generous towards us we should receive the gift with gratitude.  When I was working in general practice, patients sometimes would bring me a small gift of thanks.  At first I was embarrassed to receive them, as I felt that I was only doing was my job.  But when I learnt to receive them with gratitude, it gave them pleasure and I felt good about it too.

We may have a wish to be generous with some of our possessions, but more precious are the skills and wisdom which we have learnt throughout our lives that we can share with others. That means realising what is special about ourselves and being generous in sharing those qualities with others.

Craig Brown

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Image by bknis from Pixabay

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