A Mindful Doctor on Wildness

I believe we all need some wildness in our lives; not the riotous fun party sort of wildness, but the wildness of Nature.

From the sixth century onwards monks sought out places where few humans have trod. They mainly went to isolated outcrops of these Isles on the Atlantic coast to find solitude and a connection with Nature.  They submitted themselves to the wind, cold and rain, denying themselves any comforts and companionship so they could discover who they were and their place in the world.

We are Drawn to Wild Places

I think many of us are drawn to wild places that give us a taste of that experience.  It may be  trekking in mountains, walking through a forest or a barren desert, finding a hidden cave, or being in a storm at sea. We are searching for something that can be difficult to articulate, and can open us to some part of ourselves that is life enhancing.  Is it the excitement and fear that draws us? The sense of being truly on our own, being free of thoughts that fill our minds each day, or is it the harmony and balance that we find in ourselves in such places?

It is difficult to put into words and perhaps one needs to experience wild places for oneself.  I find on holidays it is walking in the Scottish hills on my own that connects me most to the elements, or when at home going down to the beach and looking out to sea.  It is the experience of place, the exposure to the elements, and the solitude that bring me close to Nature and myself.

Craig Brown

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