A Mindful Doctor on Wonder

When do you experience the feeling of wonder – that feeling of goodness and awe, that touches your spirit, and fills you with an inner smile?

For me, it is in the sky when the sun dips below the horizon in the evening,  and in the morning emerges again miraculously.  Equally it can be looking deeply at a rose, its colour and shapes and textures, while catching its exquisite fragrance.  It can be observing a grandchild absorbed happily while at play.  It can be standing in a holy building. Often it happens while in Nature; walking in a wood, sitting by a river, or the view from a mountain I have just just climbed. It can simply be working in my own garden.

I must remember to stop and appreciate such precious moments. Sometimes they arrive unexpectedly, sometimes I seek them out.  It is connecting to something greater than myself, yet I am part of.  It seems beyond description in words, yet I come to know it for what it is.

When such moments happen I pause and appreciate the beauty. I take in a few soft breaths soaking the experience into my whole being.

In the silence of meditation I practice connecting to that same experience through being peaceful, feeling love and offering gratitude for being alive. 

Dr Craig Brown

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Image by Ronny Overhate from Pixabay

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