A Mindful Doctor Sends a Blessing at Christmas

Now is the time of year that we sit down and write our Christmas cards to friends and family.  Some of us may wish to add a more personal greeting adding to the words already on the card.  It can be an opportunity to send a blessing.

A blessing is more than a greeting; it is connecting with something greater that invokes an awakening to return to wholeness.  It does not abolish difficulties or old habits, but can transform negative attitudes and thoughts.

Sending a Blessing

When I am sending a blessing I think of the person and try to consider what would be most helpful for them at this time, not in terms of what are their needs but what are the qualities that will support them most.  Such qualities as courage, calmness, patience, and determination, hopefulness and so on.  It is helpful to start each phrase with, ‘May you….   For example, ‘May you find calmness in your life, may you be courageous….may you be content’.

Giving a blessing is connecting with the source, invoking divine power with a belief you can affect what has yet to come.

Sending Blessings to World Leaders

Some years ago, while sitting down with the family to write our Christmas cards the conversation fell to discussing the state of the world and how the leaders of many countries were acting aggressively to each other. We decided to send Christmas cards to the leaders of the countries that we felt were involved in conflicts and send them blessings, such as, ‘May you be peaceful, may you be happy, may you be understanding. ‘

I researched the names and addresses of the presidents to send our cards to and posted them off.  Surprisingly, over half of them – and many were non-Christian – replied with their own notes of appreciation.

I have reminded myself of what we did many years ago. I think I will send blessings to world leaders again this year. Perhaps you can join in?

May all of you that read this blog, be peaceful, be safe, be happy and be loved.

Craig Brown

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