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A New Year – What are you going to do with it?

On 1st January, you may have been one of the many people who made New Year’s resolutions – to lose weight, get fit, do a course to increase your knowledge about something which interests you, relax more, etc. These are all well and good, but do such New Year’s resolutions address what you are here for? They fill the time, avoiding your real purpose. 

Most of us spend our lives filling it with ‘doing’ – work to make money, play to relax from work, cleaning the house, buying stuff to fill the house and so on. This doing takes up a lot of time; it can take a lifetime, in fact. A life can go by with filling it full of our ‘doings’. It seems that humans ‘do’ so much in order to avoid ‘being’.

What would it look like if we allowed ‘being’ to fill our lives? What does it mean to allow ‘being’?

It starts by realising who we really are. We are Human Beings (not Human Doings), energetic beings in an energetic world (as Quantum Physics is now demonstrating) and at our essence we are of Source who is Unconditional Love. Isn’t that truly amazing? 

When we realise this we can bring it forth into our earthly life. We can expand Unconditional Love and importantly, we can do it wherever we are and into whatever we are doing. All is a perfect situation for Love, for bringing the Highest vibration of the Love of Source into the world. 

We do not have to ‘do’ anything at all, just to intend that our true nature of Unconditional Love is allowed to shine out from us. This will reverberate, reaching far and wide thus raising the frequency of the energy of all. You might like to meditate on being Unconditional Love or use visualisations to help achieve this.

A life filled with Unconditional Love for all, including our marvellous selves, has a purpose. It increases the Unconditional Love in the duality of earth, helping humans, animals, plants, the earth itself and beyond, into the Universe. In fact, many of us have incarnated on the earth at this time to ‘be’ this Unconditional Love and to help reverse the current negative energetic trajectory.

Let’s make our New Year’s resolution to be one of shining out our true nature of Unconditional Love! It will make a positive difference and is our true purpose within our human existence.

Su Mason PhD

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