An Antidote for ‘Doomscrolling’?

I recently heard of the term ‘doomscrolling’ – scrolling the news and social media for the latest bad news about COVID or the more recent Russian invasion of the Ukraine. It is an addictive behaviour in which many of us indulge and which leaves us anxious, filled with horror or dread and low vibrational. 

Yet we continue… often under the guise of ‘keeping ourselves informed’. In reality, there is often an ‘entertainment’ element which we frequently choose not to acknowledge, especially if we are looking at the events from afar.

Is this doomscrolling helpful behaviour? Does it help us? Does it help others? Does it help the situation? No.

The value of doing what we can in small practical ways (such as donating clothing, money, etc) can’t be underestimated, but as healers we are in the privileged position of being able to positively influence the energy of a situation. It makes more sense to do this than add to the negativity by ‘entertaining’ ourselves with the horror stories of the news.

For anyone who doesn’t already practice this type of intervention and finds themselves affected by negative news, here is a suggested antidote to doomscrolling:

  1. Stop! Reading about catastrophic events continually is going to bring them to the fore in your reality and that is only going to lower your energetic vibrations. A balance is needed between being informed and being over-indulgent.
  2. Work on yourself to raise your energetic vibration in whatever way you find works best for you, such as doing meditation, visualisations, etc. (The Source Connection visualisation, which we practice at Omnes Healing, is a powerful way to quickly do this).
  3. Send distant healing, or positive thoughts and intentions, to the situation and make a positive difference. Here is some suggested wording which I use as part of my daily practice:

Thank you for healing of the highest vibration of Unconditional Love for the world, the Universe and all living beings within. Thank you that everyday we are more and more kind, more peaceful, more filled with Unconditional Love and that our energies are in alignment with the highest vibration of the Unconditional Love of Source.

It is a simple and very powerful healing intention which anyone can do to raise the energetic frequency of the world, helping all to shine with the Love of the Universal Source of All That Is. By avoiding the mention of specific situations, we can keep our focus on pure Love and Peace and our intention becomes more highly vibrational.

Let’s stop doomscrolling and start making a positive difference in the world.

Su Mason

Image from Pixabay by Jerzy Górecki 

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