An Unusual Introduction to Healing

Recently, in the Omnes private Facebook group, one of our members asked us about our first experience of healing and what inspired us to embark on our healing journey.

She said that her healing journey started when she took a relative (who was extremely ill at the time in hospital) to Leeds Healing Centre. She had asked permission to take her relative out and this lady received healing over several months and made a complete recovery. She was discharged from hospital within a week of starting the healing and no longer needed the complicated surgery she had been told she required!

This got me thinking about my own first experience, which was a bit unusual.

At the time, I was an academic working in medical and healthcare research at university, where very rigorous standards of ‘proof’ were required for evidence of effectiveness.

My family was not in the least ‘alternative,’ being businesspeople and regular church goers, but an uncle of mine announced that he had started training to be a healer. Most of the family met this with surprise at his pronouncement which was then promptly dismissed as quirky but was indulged.

I was curious, however. I had never heard of healing and so I would often ask him about it. He would tell me about his experiences and success stories with clients at which, with my academic hat on, I was extremely sceptical. I did want to learn more, however, and so my uncle provided me with the name of a healing tutor near to where I lived.

I was prompted to call her to ask her about healing.

‘Well the next healing course starts in three months’ time’ she said.

‘Oh, you’ve got me wrong’, I replied, ‘I don’t want to BE a healer. I just want to find out about it’.

‘Well doing the introductory course is the best way to find out about it’, she explained.

I felt weirdly propelled to do this course so I ended up enrolling on it, not ‘against my better judgement’ but quite contrary to my previous thoughts.

The tutor also said that what I should do in the meantime was to practice sending loving, healing energy to my houseplants, pets or children. A few days later, I found myself in our kitchen, in front of a cactus, holding my hands out to it and trying to do as she had instructed. I felt completely stupid.

‘I can’t believe I am doing this!’

Anyway, I completely forgot about the course until about two weeks before it was due to start. I was lying in bed and it was about 3am. I had a mild chest infection and had been wheezing for about an hour (I had asthma) and felt really tired, knowing that I had to get up in the morning to see to the children and for work. I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to fetch my inhaler, so I thought, ‘I know, I’ll give this healing lark a go’.

Not sure what to do, I asked, ‘Er, God??? Please may I have some healing?’ as I pointed my hands towards my chest.

The next thing I knew was that I saw a blue light in my mind’s eye; I felt a band of heat all around my chest and the wheezing immediately stopped! Frankly, it was rather terrifying. What power had been unleashed? I had never experienced anything like it.

Being the sort of person I was then, I thought, ‘Well I’ve still got a headache!’ So, I put my hands over my head and did the same thing. The next memory I have is waking up in bed and saying to my husband, ‘You’ll never believe what happened to me last night!’

I am sure that I was given that experience so that when the course started, I listened carefully, instead of sitting at the back of the class, rolling my eyes at the apparent improbability of what was being said.

It was a mind-blowing gift for which I am ever grateful and which started me on an amazing journey of energy rebalancing, qualifying as a healer and now teaching this to others. I love it!

Su Mason PhD

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you are interested in learning to be a healer, for further information, please click here.

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