An Unusual Soul Rescue

I have found that when the souls of those who have died get stuck on the earth plane and want to return to the soul world, they often try to get the attention of people whom they feel might be able to help them – Flashing lights, electric kettles turning on, strong smells, etc. So, this soul rescue started off in a (sort of) similar fashion.

I was visiting my father and had recently arrived in the house when there was a knock at the door. A neighbour was there, asking if the blue car was mine. ‘Yes’, I replied.

‘Well, its alarm is going off’.

I thanked him and went to look. Sure enough, the alarm was going off and all the electric windows (which had been closed when I had switched off the car and left it) were down!

After putting the key in the ignition, the alarm turned off and I put up all the windows. I went back into the house and mentioned it to my dad’s carer (also a healer) who lives opposite my father. She told me that a couple of nights ago their truck’s alarm had spontaneously set off. This convinced me that a soul was trying to catch the attention of those they thought might be able to help them across to their soul dimension.

Later on, I tuned in to the area to see if there was anyone who wished to have help to return home. In my mind’s eye I saw about half a dozen blue shapes, like two intersecting circles, one on top of the other. I had the distinct impression that they were not human souls (for one thing, I had never seen souls which looked like this) and that they had been visitors from another dimension who had died and become stuck on the earth plane. They seemed friendly and a little confused.

I did the usual procedure to help souls to move onwards to their soul home but instead of seeing golden rays of light coming from the entrance, the rays of light which greeted them were a silvery blue colour. Was this a different place to where I have seen human souls return? Or was the light greeting these souls simply different because they were different to human souls? I don’t know.

I do know that I love my work as a healer. I feel privileged to occasionally meet different beings and have new, expanding experiences – all through simply doing what I love!

Su Mason PhD

Co-Author of the book ‘Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing’ 


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