I can SEE through my ears!

Hamish, the remarkable border collie born with one eye, has faced an additional challenge as he has grown older – the gradual loss of sight in his only eye. Yet, his resilience knows no bounds, and alongside his adoring owner, Steve, he continues to explore the scenic landscapes of Scotland with unwavering enthusiasm.

When confronted with the daunting reality of Hamish’s diminishing vision, Steve embarked on a mission to uncover solutions that would preserve his beloved companion’s quality of life. Through exhaustive research, Steve uncovered a revolutionary device designed to harness the extraordinary auditory abilities of dogs, providing them with a form of echolocation similar to that of bats or dolphins.

With hope rekindled, Steve wasted no time in acquiring the device—a small, unassuming addition to Hamish’s collar that emitted subtle clicks; imperceptible to the human ear yet instrumental in activating his latent spatial awareness. 

The results were nothing short of miraculous. By this time Hamish’s sight had completely gone, but in a matter of days, he adapted to his newfound sensory perception with remarkable agility and grace. No longer hindered by his visual impairment, he navigated his surroundings with newfound confidence, sidestepping obstacles and gauging distances with precision.

Through the innovative device and the unwavering bond between man and dog, Hamish has reclaimed his autonomy, embarking on adventures with renewed vigour and vitality. Each step he takes is a testament to the resilience of the canine spirit and the boundless love shared between a devoted owner and his extraordinary companion.

Animal Communication

S.A. possesses a remarkable gift for conversing with animals. Previously, she’d had a discussion with Hamish when he was unwell, offering solace to Steve’s worried heart. Upon learning of Hamish’s recent loss of sight, S.A. eagerly seized the opportunity to reconnect with him, keen to check on his well-being.

Below is the transcript of their conversation:

S.A. ‘Oh, he’s so happy! I asked him how he was.
Hamish. I’m good.

S.A. I asked him about how this device has helped him.
Hamish. My senses are sharp and I now have all I need to function well in my world. 

S.A. I asked has it improved things for him. 
Hamish. Yes! It was scary before and a world of unknowingness but now I feel free again with more confidence. This is huge. It’s amazing! Steve’s amazing. Our bond is unbelievably strong and always will be. I’m so, so grateful to him for such loving care.

S.A. Then I asked him how this device has changed things for him.
Hamish. Because I could ‘see’ previously, I still have images in my mind. The device tells me where I am in space and my memory shows me the image. It’s phenomenal! I am happy. 

S.A. I said is there any message that you want to give your dad? 
Hamish. I want more dogs to benefit from this knowledge and tell Steve how grateful I am and how deeply I love him. Our souls are as one. 

S.A. Then he gave me an image of some woolly socks (he laughs) – I don’t know what ‘woolly socks’ means – and a bed, curled up in a bed, cosy with Steve. He’s just a very happy boy. 

Isn’t it wonderful, through animal communication, to hear of the improvement in Hamish’s life through the help of his human guardian.

Louise Hawkins

*This is not an advert for the device, simply the story of a human helping his canine companion.

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