Animal Healing – Success Stories

A Beloved Guinea Pig

I first encountered energy healing for animals when my beloved guinea pig – Curlypig – was very sick; the vet was not sure he would survive. At this point, he had stopped eating and had been listless and unwell for some time. With no medical options left, I contacted a friend who was a spiritual healer and asked if she would help. She’d never worked with a guinea pig before but was happy to try.

She sat Curlypig on her knee and opened a connection. His eyes went wide, like saucers, and he began to purr (yes, they purr when they’re happy – not like cats, but rather a full-body vibration of bliss). 

I took him home and let him out of his basket. The first thing he did was bite into a carrot; then he bit the cat and bit me (the first and only time). I forgave him the nip, as it was so good to see him feeling feisty. Curlypig was clearly better! I’m pleased to say he was never ill again, and when I left the UK, he went to live with a harem of female pigs where he happily ended his days.

Roll forward about 20 years and I’m now a healer and love it when I have the privilege of working with an animal.

Meet Hercules – a dog very small in stature but huge in spirit.

Hercules had a large fatty lump over his hipbone. The vet had told his owner that it was benign and no action was needed. But when he lay down it bothered him because of where it was and seemed to cause him some pain and distress. His owner asked if I would give him healing. I did a couple of hands-on sessions and when he next came to see me the lump had moved – away from the hip bone and onto his thigh. It was also much smaller.  I then did distance healing for a couple of weeks before seeing him again.

When he arrived, I could see a difference in him straight away. He was very bright and lively and rushed up to greet me, unlike the previous times. I put my hands on him but couldn’t find the lump. His owner had to show me where it now was which was much lower down, and had flattened out almost completely. This was the final session, as afterwards the lump disappeared altogether and Hercules had regained his energy and joy.

I finish with some words from Margrit Coates, a well-known animal healer, from her book ‘Hands-On Healing for Pets’ which I would recommend for any healer interested in working with animals:

“Healing is so very rewarding and the feeling it brings as we connect with our pets is immense in its power. It is the feeling of oneness – with our inner being, our pet and the great universal source of all life”.

Niky Magdalen

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