Being a Student Healer at Omnes – Finding the missing piece! 

Sometimes I find it quite difficult to learn something new because I’m stuck in the same old routine, or I tell myself I’m just too busy. I felt I had been looking for something for a long time but wasn’t really sure what that was. I had flirted with mass book reading, I had tried yoga, I went walking and loved gardening but there was still a bit of emptiness that I felt I needed to fill. When I finally decided to retire, I eagerly looked ahead to a lot of productive time when I could really get to grips with what made me tick.

By chance I was speaking to a newly found friend who mentioned Source Attunement Energy Balancing. I must admit I was intrigued to know more.

I enrolled on the Omnes Healing Foundation Course to learn to be a Healer Practitioner.  It was spread out over 12 months and was a fascinating, interactive series of online taught sessions, followed by small amounts of homework to complete, plus additional reading. We discussed a wide range of topics, such as how we function as human beings, protection and management of our personal energy field, how a person’s wellbeing can be helped with energy balancing and so much more. I was particularly impressed by how I could feel the strength of the healing energies as we practised, even though we were working online. I wanted to help people, I wanted to give back to my community and felt this was something that not only interested me but would also be a useful tool to help people in the future. 

I felt as if I had ‘come home’. I felt as if I was home. No emptiness inside, just an ongoing feeling of fulfilment and contentment. I felt I had started to find the real me and I had started to understand what I could do to contribute to ‘the whole’.

All the training staff were incredibly helpful, kind, supportive and approachable. The fellow students were inspirational, and we made a good WhatsApp community – sharing our thoughts and experiences. At the end of the year some of us enrolled on the Qualification Course which was for another year and took some of the issues we had discussed in the Foundation Course to a much deeper level, as well as exploring ‘the bigger picture’. We are now preparing ourselves to qualify as Healer Practitioners at the Omnes Assessment Panel. 

The membership of Omnes provides a quiet, supportive background that underpins the positivity that energy balancing brings. There are online support meetings, membership newsletters and the opportunity to seek guidance and support whenever I need it via a solid mentoring system.

Becoming part of the Omnes family is nurturing for my soul, for my mind and for my physical body. Omnes brings peace, relaxation and harmony to my world. My eternal gratitude goes to the friend who gave me the impetus to try something new and to Omnes Healing, for helping me to evolve into the person I am today.

Jill Wood BEd (Hons), NPQH

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