Four Things that Happen When You have a Spiritual Coach on Your Side

I’ve been coaching people for a long time now. I started in the business environment, but when someone wants to change either themselves or their life, it inevitably touches many different areas and not just work. I call myself a spiritual life coach these days – just because that journey of change is necessarily an emotional and spiritual one. If

Energy Re-balancing Supporting Wellness and Recovery in Addiction

These days, as healers we are more and more likely to see clients who need help with the effects of addiction. We humbly offer a snapshot of our experiences when working together in the past on several projects, as part of a team of healers, offering energy re-balancing to people in various stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Help your Spirituality AND the Environment

As a caring organisation, we at Omnes Healing have been thinking about how we can practically help our environment (apart from regularly sending healing to our amazing planet, which we already do). We know that one of the best ways of reducing carbon around the earth is to plant trees, so we thought a collaboration with a tree planting organisation

A Mindful Doctor on Ghosts

An old friend of mine, who was a very experienced healer, told me that if you come across a ghost, or any malign energy, it is important not to be fearful and to bring Light into yourself. I accompanied him on several occasions when people had asked him to remove a presence or a negative energy.  Sometimes we would feel

A Short Case Study Example

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The Tree Looked Down

The tree looked down at the young child beneath her boughs. Its sobs were loud and expelled in chest-heaving starts. ‘I mi’ mi’ miss my eye Mummy ee!’ she thought she heard. Whatever, the child was saying, it was very sad. The tree could feel its energies which sucked at her own. This crying continued for a while. Mmmm. What

A Mindful Doctor on Spiritual Wellbeing

What is it that lifts your spirits?  What makes you feel good about yourself and at one with the world? Many people say that being in Nature is the thing that makes them feel settled in themselves, and in harmony with everything around them.   It may be walking on a beach, tramping through a forest, or climbing a mountain. Whatever

‘Little Death’

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A Mindful Doctor on Appreciation

Being appreciative can act as a switch to being hopeful and positive. You can start to learn to be appreciative by thinking of three things in your life that you are grateful for.  Common examples are; family, friends, nature, your health, and the fact you have food to eat and a roof over your head.  Acknowledging these aspects of our

A Mindful Doctor on Humility

Humility is a value I admire in others, and is something I would like to develop more in myself. To start with I need to learn to cast off the cloak of arrogance and glamour, and be content with being a nobody. Only then I will truly be free to be my true self. I can remember my father saying


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