CPPD – A Chore or a Complement?

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Radio interview about our book

{{ vc_btn: title=BUY+NOW&color=warning&size=lg&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.amazon.co.uk%252FVibrations-Life-Handbook-Energetic-Wellbeing%252Fdp%252F1982281952 }} Listen to this Radio Interview that takes a deeper look at the recent book, written by Dr Su Mason and Kathleen Judd, at Omnes Healing. The book explains how we are energetic beings in an energetic world and that spiritual principles are not just theoretical. It describes not just how ‘like attracts like’ energetically and the

A Mindful Doctor on Wonder

When do you experience the feeling of wonder – that feeling of goodness and awe, that touches your spirit, and fills you with an inner smile? For me, it is in the sky when the sun dips below the horizon in the evening,  and in the morning emerges again miraculously.  Equally it can be looking deeply at a rose, its

Be Kinder to Yourself

Simple Self-Love: The Top 10 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself Starting Today “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” – Henry James Being kind to yourself in everyday life is in in my experience one of the best things you

The Consciousness of Animals Part 2

Do animals have the same consciousness as humans? Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, in the book, The Magical Approach, talks further about the consciousness of animals: Seth: ‘You do not need a human intellect to be aware of your own consciousness. Animals, it is true, do not reflect upon the nature of their own identities as man does (pause), but this

The Consciousness of Animals Part 1

Do animals have the same consciousness as humans? Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts in the book, The Magical Approach, states the following: … ‘animals do reason. They do not reason in the same areas that you do (intently). In those areas in which they do reason, they understand cause and effect quite well. Their reasoning is applied, however, to levels

Limitless Beliefs That Transform Us

Too often we get stuck due to our own personal limiting beliefs and behaviours. These may seem familiar to you: I’m a failure I’m angry at myself I don’t deserve this (experience, person, place) How come he/she always wins and I don’t get a chance? Why is this happening to me? The cause of these limiting beliefs: Fear. Let’s not

Free Healing during Healing Awareness Week

Free Healing during Healing Awareness Week (3rd to 9th May 2021) After a number of sessions of receiving online sessions with Omnes I would like to reassure people that the effects are just as powerful as sessions with them in person plus there’s the added benefits of not only not having to drive somewhere and to be able to relax

Renaissance or Retirement? Part 3

Training with Omnes made everything make sense. Why didn’t I know about the human energy field before?  I was aware of the need to nourish and exercise my body and mind, but totally unaware of the other vital (and most neglected) part of me – my energy system, MY LIFE FORCE. But looking back, I did know about energy, I

The Impact of Healing in a Radical Recovery

Severe Illness Last August, John, my friend’s husband, was admitted to hospital with a suspected kidney infection. Very quickly he developed sepsis, went into shock from the infection and had no pulse. The doctors and nurses worked tirelessly from the moment he arrived to administer drugs  to hopefully balance his condition and increase his blood pressure, in order to get

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