Ways Forward

This is the time of year when traditionally we make resolutions to improve our lives. We vow to be better, healthier, slimmer, fitter, etc. or we think that such declarations are unlikely to last and so we don’t bother with them. Jay Shetty in his book, ‘Think like a Monk’, suggests following the mnemonic T.I.M.E. to remind us to help

My Amazing Visit from the Spirit World

I would like to introduce you to my son David. David was born on the 23rd December 1971. As a child he was mischievous and funny, popular in class and popular with the girls as he grew into a handsome young man. He really was the life and soul of any party, but David kept a deeply hidden secret from the

Gender and Wellbeing

When a baby is born, what is the first thing asked? Pink or blue?  In a world where people gender each other and make assumptions, there is a chance that mental health and emotional wellbeing are affected. Unfortunately, gender conditioning starts before a child is even born and stereotyping happens both consciously and unconsciously. There are so many reasons why

Animal Healing – Success Stories

A Beloved Guinea Pig I first encountered energy healing for animals when my beloved guinea pig – Curlypig – was very sick; the vet was not sure he would survive. At this point, he had stopped eating and had been listless and unwell for some time. With no medical options left, I contacted a friend who was a spiritual healer

Animal Communication

Animal communication is not difficult. Like any skill, it is more a question of wanting to do it, wanting to live and experience their world and sensitivities. Amelia Kincade who has written many books on the subject and also runs Animal Communication courses, describes it as “tuning in” to their wavelength in the same way as tuning in to a

The captivating human-animal bond. Why are animals so good for us?

The British are famous around the world as a nation of animal lovers. That’s not to say animals aren’t loved in other countries. It’s just that the passion we have for our furry friends (or fiends in some cases!) elevates us above the norm. Maybe it’s because our feeling doesn’t just apply to the animals we’re directly responsible for. We

My Near Death Experience

I’d like to share a bit about my Near Death Experience that happened just after I was born, to help other healers who have mixed natural abilities of mediumship and healing, as I do, to know that it is possible to do both things and be able to keep them separate.   When my mum was pregnant with me in 1969, she

Feeling the Ground – A Healing Case Study

As healers, we all know (or I hope we do!) the importance of being grounded – in our daily lives and especially before we do any energetic work. Imagine for a moment that you weren’t able to do this simple thing – connect with your body and also the earth beneath you. I want to share my experience of working

The Tao

‘He who speaks of the Tao does not know of the Tao.’ This rather confusing paradoxical statement by Lao-tzu, written 3,500 years ago, is as important as ever in this age of religious dogma. The Tao translates as ‘The way,’ or ‘The truth.’  It is not a method to be taught.  It is not a set of rules to follow.  It is not a

Transformational Times

“We are at the cusp of a hugely transformational time”. The angels gave me this message a year and a half ago. Even though at first, I didn’t understand what they meant, I shared it with friends and even some clients. They all had different opinions about its meaning (however I remained unsure) but each time I talked about it,


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