The Benefits and Challenges of Being an Empath – Part 2

Benefits and Solutions  For me, gaining enough strength and stability to be able to cope with life better was a gradual process. The first step was realising that I am an empath, then the universe seemed to deliver what I needed to move forward. My ‘aha’ moment was accepting that we are energetic beings living in an energetic world and

The Benefits and Challenges of Being an Empath – Part 1

A brief account of my life journey Part 1: The Challenges Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (sometimes referred to as HSPs) can have a very difficult time coping with life. According to Judith Orloff (2018), there are various types of empaths and sensitives, many empaths fitting one or all of the different categories and each with their own particular degree

FREE Healing Session available if you book during Healing Awareness Week (4th to 10th May 2020)

Are you struggling during lockdown and wonder if healing might help? Do you usually find it difficult to leave your home? Are you missing your regular visits to your local Healing Centre? If so, you might like to know that healing (also called energy rebalancing) can be done either over the telephone or via online video (such as Whatsapp, Facebook

What I am learning from COVID-19

One of our members kindly sent me a DailyGood article called ‘Courage & Vulnerability: Corona & the Wisdom of Elders’ by Parker Palmer (6th April 2020). Whilst I do not pretend to be as wise as Mr Palmer, this article stimulated me into thinking about what I am learning at this unprecedented time. Bravery I am learning about bravery (second-hand)

How Healers can Help

At this challenging time for the world, there are a number of ways in which we as healers can help at this unique time of transformation. We have a choice in how we view the current pandemic and we can look at it in helpful ways: Self-CareWe can only help others if we look after ourselves. We need to ensure that

A Mindful Doctor on Ante-Thanatus Care

Ante-Thanatus care is a holistic approach for preparing for the end of life. (Greek thanatus = gentle death) Ante-thanatus care is in many ways similar to ante-natal care. It is a preparation for a transformation; one a new life and the other a departing life.  Both benefit from a holistic approach that includes conventional and self care measures. Practical Preparation

Let’s Join Forces for Distant Healing!

We are offering all healers & student healers, from ANY healing or Reiki organisation, 6-months free access to our thriving Distant Healing Network At Omnes we think it is a good idea to bring Healers and Reiki Practitioners together at this time of global health crisis. Our combined efforts will surely make a massive difference. We warmly invite you to

An Unusual Introduction to Healing

Recently, in the Omnes private Facebook group, one of our members asked us about our first experience of healing and what inspired us to embark on our healing journey. She said that her healing journey started when she took a relative (who was extremely ill at the time in hospital) to Leeds Healing Centre. She had asked permission to take

A Mindful Doctor on Hope

Faith, Hope and Love; the second greatest of these is Hope. Hope is believing that we can reach a future as we would like it to be. As a healer, or carer, hope is something we should nurture in our clients. Often we focus too much on what is wrong (symptoms) with the person, which can lead to feelings of

Become the Hero in your story

How to cultivate a sense of adventure for the new decade! We all remember reading stories or watching our favourite TV shows when we were kids; the hero is exciting, always kills the dragon, has amazing adventures and comes out on top. It’s the archetype to aspire to. We grow up and, for most of us, the hero remains in


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