7 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health

What is Spirituality? Spirituality is a definitely a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than us; and it […]

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Clients

As healers, being welcoming and open-minded is an important quality and one we all recognise and no doubt strive to create.  There are specific things we can do to ensure […]

Food, Feasting and Fasting

April is my birthday month and I am celebrating with a few friends where there will be cups of tea, snacks and probably cake while we enjoy each other’s company. […]

Seven Practices of Modern Spirituality

At one of the Omnes Healing’s recent Let’s Talk… discussion groups, we had a very interesting debate about the nature of modern spirituality. We came to the conclusion that modern […]

An Antidote for ‘Doomscrolling’?

I recently heard of the term ‘doomscrolling’ – scrolling the news and social media for the latest bad news about COVID or the more recent Russian invasion of the Ukraine. […]

Energy Healing on the Move!

As many of you know, Omnes is launching an online healing centre this year. I’ve been volunteering at the practice sessions and recently had an experience I thought I’d share, […]

Omnes Healing Centre

‘I have been having healing for some time now and the benefits are wonderful. I was so worried that with COVID this would have to stop. But I have been […]