Community, Service and Spiritual Development

Community, Service and Spiritual Development

When we were planning Omnes (pronounced ‘Omnehz’) Healing we tried to think about what we wanted this not-for-profit, social organisation to embody. We listened to guidance from Source and the three aims of ‘Community, Service and Spiritual Development’ emerged.

You might be interested to hear that the Directors have continually consulted Source in the planning of Omnes Healing and have received amazingly helpful advice which we had not previously considered. As a Board, we intend to continue to seek the advice of Source so that Omnes Healing is fundamentally and continually guided by the Highest vibration.


We feel that an organisation which acts as a community umbrella for all healers will be of value. We hope to have a vibrant healing community which welcomes healers who have qualified with different healing organisations and students who wish to learn Source Attunement Healing.

Omnes Healing members can engage and interact via specialist website groups and forums.  We really hope that you will enjoy building friendships and providing support for each other.


We promote Source Attunement Healing and provide this via free Distant Healing to those in need, be they people, animals, plants, situations and the environment. Our Omnes Circle of Distant Healing is an opportunity for healing service available for Members and Associate Members, and Students who have covered how to do Distant Healing for a large number of people in their course.

We also offer Telephone and Skype Healing to the public and this is an opportunity for our Members to do healing service for which they will be paid.

We offer educational workshops to the wider public about how to maintain wellbeing, for example, through the self-management of their human energy fields.

Spiritual Development

For people who wish to learn how to realise their potential, we offer comprehensive Healer Development Courses for Source Attunement Healing and the Qualification Course has been accredited by The Confederation of Healing Organisations. We mentor student healers to the highest standards and support them in their development.

We also provide opportunities for the continuing spiritual development of our healer Members and Associate Members with Workshops/ Webinars/ E-seminars/ Specialist Forums and our Resource Bank of Recommended Reading and Meditation and Visualisations.

We really hope that you will become a part of our exciting new healing organisation. If you are interested, please go to the Join Omnes Healing Page.

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