Energy Healing on the Move!

As many of you know, Omnes is launching an online healing centre this year. I’ve been volunteering at the practice sessions and recently had an experience I thought I’d share, that shows there really are no barriers to the power of energetic healing. 

As I went into the private Zoom room to meet the client, I wondered what to expect. I’d been told she would be travelling on a bus through Scandinavia, and that as she had trouble hearing would be using headphones. She arrived, and I could just about see her face, lit only by the screen of her phone. It was very dark and I could hear the voices of people sitting nearby.

We had a quick chat; she was feeling somewhat anxious and stressed and was hoping the session would calm her down and bring her to a more peaceful state of mind. Because of the circumstances, I did a long relaxation, asking for extra protection as she was in a public space. I started the re-balancing – the energetic connection was quick and powerful. It’s important to observe our clients during a healing session, but as the lights were off on the bus, it was dark and I literally couldn’t see a thing. Not the best circumstances, but I just trusted in Source that all would be ok.

About halfway through the re-balancing, I suddenly realised how extraordinary this was.  Here I was in my living room in the UK, talking to a complete stranger who was travelling on a bus hundreds of miles away, in the dark,  connecting via the internet and mobile phone networks, doing an online healing session to bring her to a state of peace! It felt nothing short of miraculous that this could happen.

Her feedback by email afterwards said she felt very at peace after the session and I was pleased she’d got the best outcome. This only goes to prove that energy healing knows no boundaries, that distance doesn’t matter and that as long as we trust in Source, anything is possible.

Niky Magdalen

Image by Florian Kurz: Pixabay


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