Energy Re-balancing Supporting Wellness and Recovery in Addiction

These days, as healers we are more and more likely to see clients who need help with the effects of addiction.

We humbly offer a snapshot of our experiences when working together in the past on several projects, as part of a team of healers, offering energy re-balancing to people in various stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We hope that those of our members who are yet to come across this type of work might find this helpful.

The results of these projects were very positive, the feedback we received from the participants was very encouraging and, they were new to healing. Leeds Healing Centre regularly welcomes clients who have similar problems and we continue to see positive results from their energy re-balancing sessions, usually as part of a recovery plan. They tend to fall into the ‘I’ll try anything – nothing else seems to help’ category, but very soon realise that healing reaches the parts of us that other things can’t reach!

How does Energy Re-Balancing Help People with Addiction?

People who have addictions are often trying to fill a lack in their lives, frequently as a result of some kind of trauma. On an energetic level, healing can help to fill that void with highest vibrational, unconditional, loving energy so that the recipient feels ‘whole’ again, more relaxed and peaceful.

Because healing energy affects people at a profound level, a person’s spiritual awareness can become heightened, which can assist in making any necessary changes to their thought and habit patterns, responses to outside influences etc. This in turn leads to true healing of mind, body and spirit during recovery.

Of course, as with any client, it’s important to encourage them to continue with their medical treatment and professional support and, if appropriate, their rehabilitation plan.

An example of an energy re-balancing session

The following is an example of an energy re-balancing session with one of our healers. Names have been changed for anonymity:

Lee spoke to Carol, a healer, ‘I don’t really know anything about healing. I just feel that I

need all the help I can get’.

Carol explained that healing (or ‘energy rebalancing’) is a natural way of helping to create

balance. She continued, ‘Quantum physics explains that we are energetic beings living in an

energetic world. When we are in good health our energy is highly vibrational. We buzz with

energy. When we are ill or out of balance, our energy is of a low vibration and we often say

that we feel ‘low’. The aim of healing is to raise our vibrations by bringing in positive, high

vibrational energy. This promotes balance of mind, body and spirit and helps to restore


Lee hesitated. ‘I want to kick my heroin habit but it’s difficult. Will this help?’

‘It can’t do it for you, but energy rebalancing, by increasing the positivity of your energy,

allows a healthier personal space for you to give up drugs and prevent a relapse. It is

nurturing, relaxing and helps to support you. It can be helpful when dealing with the

difficulties of rehabilitation and recovery’.

Lee wanted to try, so he sat in a chair and Carol started by encouraging him to relax with

some deep breathing. She then commenced the healing session.

After a while, Lee became comfortable enough to close his eyes and really begin to relax.

Before he knew it, Carol was saying his name because the session had finished.

Lee was enthusiastic. ‘That was amazing! I felt warmth throughout my whole body and I feel

very calm’.

Carol explained that Lee’s energetic vibrations had been raised during the session, but that

to maintain this it was important that he regularly did a nurturing visualisation between

healing sessions. She taught him to do this, so he could start managing his own energetic

vibration, thus increasing his wellness and resilience.

Lee continued with sessions on a weekly basis. At first, he was cautious about the benefits but soon realised that not only did the sessions relax him, but he started to have more energy as his own energies returned to him. At first, we needed to give him much encouragement to do the visualisation exercises to raise his energetic vibration, but over the weeks he started to realise how they helped to ‘top up’ the healing sessions and felt their benefit. Now he is an avid supporter of such tools and has told us that he regularly encourages others to do them and receive healing.

With the additional support of healing Lee has managed to be in recovery from heroin addiction.

We have found on many occasions that energy rebalancing sessions can help people with addiction when other therapies have not been able to. It seems to ‘make whole the hole’ in their being, usually as a result of previous, deep trauma. It has always felt a privilege to assist them on their journey to wholeness.

Su Mason and Kathleen Judd

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