Ever Feel Drained by Others?

We find that many people need advice on how to protect their energy field, to prevent feeling drained by other people.

In fact, many social workers, health professionals and other people working in a caring capacity – indeed, anyone who works in a supporting role – can regularly find themselves feeling mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day. This may be simply because they are unaware of how to manage their energies and are giving so much of themselves that they become drained.

Also, as healers and student healers it is vital that we all find ways to raise and maintain our own energetic vibration, so that we remain unaffected by a transfer of energy from our clients to ourselves or from ourselves to our clients. This CD is offered to share strategies that can help with this.

Healers learn simple techniques to protect their energy field, yet people such as Medical Professionals, Emergency Services personnel and Complementary Therapists are never taught ways to avoid feeling drained and prevent their energies being affected by those they help, or even by colleagues.

Visualisations to Protect your Energy Field

For a long time at Leeds Healing Centre we have shared a series of visualisations with our visitors (who include all of those mentioned above), to help raise their energetic vibration and protect their energy field. Even those new to meditation have found these a quick, practical resource for helping them cope with the stresses of life.

To assist our clients in continuing to practice these techniques, we have recorded many of them on to this CD, which is also available as a Download.  Because we feel that it’s important to share them with a wider audience, the CD also contains suggestions for help with pain relief, sleeplessness, tension in the body and an over-thinking mind, as well as energy protection in daily life.

You may have clients who complain that those around them constantly drain their energy

Initially, if appropriate, such individuals can benefit from healing from someone who is experienced in clearing lower vibrational energies, replacing them with positive, loving energy and leaving the person feeling more balanced. This can have a very positive effect on health and wellbeing, resulting in people feeling calmer, more in control and happier, which can then be followed up with suggested methods of how to maintain their newly raised vibration at that level.

For this purpose, there is also a 3 CD Resource for Helping Professionals (incorporating a CD to share with clients), which helps Healers and Therapists to teach visualisations to their clients and includes advice on how to avoid energy depletion.

Could this be the perfect gift for someone you know?

The CDs are available at: http://www.peacenowhere.com/energeased.php

The CDs and the Downloads are available here

By Sally Chaffer, Su Mason & Kathleen Judd

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