Exercise your Intuitive Muscle!

We all experience intuitive promptings. They’re happening all the time, though we may not be consciously aware of them. Sometimes we do take notice, but doubt the truth – where on earth did that thought come from? I’m being silly. I’ll just ignore the feeling and it will go away.

We hear that intuitive voice more clearly and more often when we are in a state of energetic flow. Artists of all kinds are very aware of this flow state when they’re creating something. But we all experience it – when the world and time slip away and we’re simply fully experiencing the present moment without distraction. We can often feel this in nature, when we listen to music, when we dance and sing, but also when we are intently focused on a task.

Whenever I work with people who doubt their inner promptings, I explain that intuition is like a muscle. We build up our physical muscles by working out, flexing them to help them become stronger. Our intuition will also become stronger with exercise. How do we do this?

How We Can Exercise Our Intuition

Firstly, by trust. The more we trust that inner voice and act on its messages (and witness the results) the more our intuitive abilities strengthen and increase, and so the more trust we have.

Secondly, by balancing our own energy through things like meditation and creative pursuits, we’re likely to experience a state of flow more often and for longer periods of time. When our own energy is balanced and flowing correctly, we become aligned with the energy around us; we come into a state of harmony with the universal web of life. Synchronistic events begin to happen and we can hear our intuitive voice loud and clear.

An Example of Following Intuition

Intuitive messages come to us in all sorts of ways – here’s an example of me being used for divine intervention in another’s journey:

I was in a café on Fuerteventura buying coffee and the older woman next to me was having trouble with her order. She was clearly a tourist and couldn’t speak Spanish, so I spoke to the server for her. As I turned away, I heard a loud and clear message inside my mind: ‘you need to speak with her’. It was SO loud, impossible to ignore. I turned back and said to this complete stranger, ‘I’m taking my coffee outside. If you want to speak to me feel free to come join me’. Her mouth opened in surprise and she just stared as I went to get a table. Then, after a moment out she came.

We started chatting and she told me her story and it quickly became clear why I’d had the message. This lady was about to make a huge mistake – one which could have severe repercussions in her life for a long time to come. Although she’d only been here a few days, she was literally about to sign the documents to buy a house – the meeting was in an hour. She had never been to the Canaries before, couldn’t speak the language, had some very serious health problems and was on a waiting list for an operation. The reason she was buying the house was that her son wanted her to, and he’d persuaded her it was a good idea. Once the house was bought and they’d moved countries she would have no savings left and was clearly too ill to work.

She was obviously stressed about it and was secretly having doubts that she wouldn’t voice to her son. I talked about the harsher realities of island living – it’s not all sea and sangria! I pointed out that once she’d moved, she would no longer be relaxing on holiday. As she was ill, she would still need treatment which may be quite challenging to obtain in Fuerteventura. We spoke for about half an hour, and by the end, she had changed her mind. It was like she had come out of a dream/trance state and was seeing the consequences of this situation for the first time. She called the agent, cancelled the meeting, and then left to talk to her son and tell him they would not be moving.

Intuitive Outcome

When we follow our intuitive promptings, we cannot be sure of the outcome – but I believe we can trust that they always lead to the highest good in the end. So, trust those inner promptings more often and do some spiritual weight training – you may just be amazed by the outcome.

Niky Magdalen

Image by 11066063 from Pixabay

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