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Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening?

At Omnes Healing we have had many students who, when they start the Healer Development course say that they are not sensitive to energies, they cannot see auras, haven’t received messages from Source or had any type of mystical experience, nor do they expect to. 

So why is it that students of Spiritual Healing (energy rebalancing) often start to develop what are commonly referred to as ‘psychic abilities’ when they did not experience them before?

This could be because in their working life they may have been part of the business or academic worlds where such abilities are not acknowledged, others may have kept them hidden to avoid ridicule or rejection by friends and family, or even been fearful of being labelled with a mental health problem. However, during our Healer Development Course, we regularly hear these same students become amazed at how they can now discern the subtle energies of the human energy field and how they are becoming sensitive to our energetic world. Why is this?

Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Dr. Yvonne Kason (2019) coined the phrase “Spiritually Transformative Experiences” (STEs) as an umbrella term to describe diverse types of biological-psychological-spiritual (such as psychic and mystical) experiences.

She writes, ‘STEs are part of an ongoing transformation and expansion of consciousness in which we sometimes get glimpses, or become intermittently capable of perceiving, other levels of reality, including what we might consider mystical or paranormal dimensions. STEs may cause a spiritual awakening, propelling experiencers to engage much more deeply in their personal spiritual search and spiritual practices. STEs often appear to be signs that spiritual transformation of consciousness may be starting, or accelerating.’ 

This is possibly why student healers start to experience STEs because the act of attuning to Source is, in itself, a spiritually transformative experience. We merge with the highest vibrational energy of the Unconditional Love of Source, and we do this regularly as we practise healing. Kason writes that when you have experienced one STE you are much more likely to experience another, so the more we practice attunement for healing, the more likely it is that we will develop a heightened awareness of energy in its various forms, or so-called psychic abilities.  

Another consideration is that during healer development training, students are in what they perceive as a ‘safe environment’, so they can allow their natural abilities to surface and be nurtured.

Kason considers Spiritually Transformative Experiences as mechanisms progressing human evolution, helping to transform our consciousness towards the expanded awareness of higher consciousness and oneness with Source, whilst still being able to focus on worldly realities at the same time. Such an enlightened state is currently very rare – A possible next goal of human evolution, through persistent spiritual self-effort.

This does not imply that those who do not experience STEs are any less than those who do. There are many very gifted healers who do not experience spiritually transformative experiences beyond their attunement with Source for the purpose of energy rebalancing. The development of innate abilities of this kind can be thought of as just a part of the process of spiritual transformation of human consciousness, though it must be noted that they often only occur irregularly and unpredictably.


Those who are developing heightened intuition and awareness of energy need to be supported and mentored by those who understand the concomitant need for energetic protection and with whom they can regularly discuss developments. Many healing organisations offer support groups for their members, which can be useful for linking up with like-minded people, to avoid feeling isolated.

Balance and moderation is the key approach. Since the spiritual transformative energy is biological, psychological and spiritual we need to care for our mind, body and spirit so that spiritual development can flourish in a safe way. 


Yvonne Kason. Touched by the Light – Exploring Spiritually Transformative ExperiencesDundurn Press, Toronto, Canada. 2019

Su Mason PhD and Kathleen Judd

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