Feeling the Ground – A Healing Case Study

As healers, we all know (or I hope we do!) the importance of being grounded – in our daily lives and especially before we do any energetic work.

Imagine for a moment that you weren’t able to do this simple thing – connect with your body and also the earth beneath you. I want to share my experience of working with someone who was in this situation, and the positive result that energy healing brought her.

15 years earlier, C had spinal surgery to correct chronic pain which was affecting her ability to walk. Although successful, the operation left her with a different set of problems. C could now walk with somewhat less pain but had lost all feeling in her feet and lower legs, leading to a sensation of instability.

When we met, C had not felt the ground under her feet for 15 years, something we all take for granted every day. This is actually not uncommon; I’ve met and treated several people with similar problems which appeared following spinal surgery or hysterectomy. Sensations people describe are coldness, numbness, and feeling like the lower legs are underwater. Western medicine is unable to help them, and their discomfort is usually dismissed as untreatable nerve damage.

C was very open to trying anything that might help her, so we started working together with regular energetic healing sessions. Immediately after the first session, C felt tingling and pain in her lower legs. Although it hurt, she was incredibly excited – this was the first sensation she’d had in such a long time. She said it felt like everything was finally ‘waking up’. By the third session, full feeling was restored to C’s feet and legs – for the first time in so many years, she was able to feel the earth, and be grounded.

For C, the result provided newfound and joyful freedom. Western medicine may struggle for an explanation, but energy healers know the answer; it is, very simply, Source.

Niky Magdalen 
Coach and Energy Healer at healingenergy.love

Image by 185128 from Pixabay

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