Four Things that Happen When You have a Spiritual Coach on Your Side

I’ve been coaching people for a long time now. I started in the business environment, but when someone wants to change either themselves or their life, it inevitably touches many different areas and not just work.

I call myself a spiritual life coach these days – just because that journey of change is necessarily an emotional and spiritual one. If coaching is about anything, then it’s about helping us become the most authentic version of ourselves. That journey to authenticity is a profound one.

Coaching works in the present – with the resources that we have right now. If someone feels they don’t have any, a coach will enable them to journey inside the self to find them – and they are there. Imagine yourself as an onion – a bit weird I hear you say but bear with me! An onion has many layers; the coaching process helps us peel back those layers until we arrive at the centre – the centre of our authenticity and power. Walking a spiritual path is challenging, but as we become more authentic, and express from our hearts who we really are, our spirituality evolves naturally.

Four things you can expect from Spiritual Evolution:

1. Conscious Creation
We are all creating the reality we live in, moment to moment. Coaching enables us to harness this power; to expand our understanding of the self and the energetic world we live in. Many of us work with the art of manifestation and have success with this – or not. Coaching helps us to understand our hidden internal blocks and what it takes to reprogramme our neural networks. Then, our energetic vibration raises and becomes more attractive, making life richer and more abundant on every level.

2. Finding Purpose
What lights your fire? And I don’t mean interests, work and hobbies here. It’s about discovering what ignites your soul with passion. When we take the time to find out, everything changes for us.
Coaching enables us to explore the landscape of the soul and discover our true passions and joys – and gives one the confidence and support to pursue them. Most people are seeking more fulfilment, but it can often feel unattainable. We might dream of becoming an artist, a writer, working for ourselves, but daren’t believe it could be a reality. Our fear sabotages us and keeps us standing still. We end up feeling stuck and sad – we don’t really believe our dreams can come true. Understanding the lessons that we need to learn, clearing out old emotional and mental patterns, allows movement to a new place of authenticity. Then, living a purposeful life aligned with the heart becomes a reality. From here it becomes possible to start living the dream.

3. Healing and Growth
We all have energetic blocks that can manifest on every level of our being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Most of us fear change to some degree; we prefer the known methods and patterns of our existence – they’re easy, not challenging, the status quo. And, even when this causes us great pain and distress, we stick to it and let our fears win. Self-sabotage triumphs.
Spiritual coaching helps us to examine these areas of ourselves that need healing. A beautiful rose will not keep flowering unless the bush it grows on is pruned regularly. Clearing emotional wounds and old thinking patterns leads to new energy and deeper understanding. And just as the rose can then bloom, new energetic movement and flow begin.  Creativity blossoms and goals can now be achieved. Change now manifests naturally and effortlessly in daily life. Synchronicity flows and becomes unmistakable.

4. Deep Connection
Disconnection from ourselves and those around us is a symptom of modern life. Unless we connect to our authentic selves first, it’s so much harder to reach out to others and to the world at large. How much compassion we have for ourselves will expand or limit how much we can be compassionate towards others. How much we judge ourselves will be the amount of judgement we place on another person. Freedom from judgment, deep compassion, self-love – these are some of the things coaching can develop so that our connection to self and others grows. Through strengthening our intuition and learning how to listen to it, spiritual coaching can also help us to discover connection to the Divine/ Source/the Universe. From a new place of balance and flow, connected to the authentic self, we have the ability to create new relationships that are more honest, stable and satisfying.

Is Spiritual Coaching for Me?
The essence of the spiritual coaching experience is to wake up; to become present, moment to moment, to ourselves. When we are awake to who we truly are, all decisions become fully conscious. 
Finally, we can reveal our truth to ourselves. We look in the mirror and only feel a sense of acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and grace. We have the empowerment and knowledge to create and attract the very best with every choice we make. Conditioning and limitations slip away. 
We become whole.
If you decide that spiritual coaching is for you, all you need to do is show up and do the work. Make the commitment to your own growth and healing – change your life and live your dreams.

Niky Magdalen

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