Ways Forward

This is the time of year when traditionally we make resolutions to improve our lives. We vow to be better, healthier, slimmer, fitter, etc. or we think that such declarations are unlikely to last and so we don’t bother with them.

Jay Shetty in his book, ‘Think like a Monk’, suggests following the mnemonic T.I.M.E. to remind us to help take care of ourselves. It stands for:

Thankfulness – Expressing this everyday.

Insight – For example, through reading or listening to a podcast.

Meditation – For mental clarity.

Exercise – To help the wellbeing of our body.

For me, I think that I would make some slight changes to this suggested daily way of being, which unbelievably fortunately (and I proceed with hope rather than expectation!) comes out as another mnemonic! – G.I.V.E.S. (to ourselves and others):

Gratitude (and Appreciation)

Regular, heartfelt and spontaneous gratitude, even for the small things in life, gently transforms our life positively.
Appreciation is a subtle shift from gratitude and reflects on the reasons why we feel grateful about something or someone. So, for example, we can be grateful for having food on our table. However, we can go further and appreciate its beauty, fragrance, taste, nutrition, and preparation; we can look at the wonders of planet Earth and focus on the marvels of nature and the positives in our life.

Gratitude works energetically by raising our vibrational frequency and simultaneously strengthens our energy field. So, let us thank, thank and thank! There is always something about which we can have gratitude.


We all need regular inspiration to help us develop and maintain how we wish to be – whether it be inspiring friends (and avoiding as much as possible those who disincentivise us) or from books, websites, nature, family, pets, YouTube videos, podcasts, the Omnes Healing Zoom support groups, etc. Regular doses of inspiration encourage us in our positive, spiritual development and are important to seek out regularly.

Visualisation (or Meditation)

There is much research on the benefits of meditation but for me, the humble, but oh so powerful, visualisation also has a lot to offer and can be fitted into a busy lifestyle much more easily. Visualisations can also be purposeful and tailored to our needs at the time.


We must not forget our physical body which feels good when (or after, if we find the actual process a challenge) we exercise. For those of us who are not marathon runners or particularly athletic, daily simple stretches help our body to feel healthier.


This is a much-overlooked benefit to us, as well as to the people and animals we might help. I am currently an NHS Volunteer Responder and every time I chat to someone who is isolated in lockdown, I receive as much as I give. I have had the most fascinating conversations with a wide variety of people. I always feel better afterwards, even if on occasions I felt short of time.

As healers, even in lockdown, we can give service to the world by doing distant healing. The effects of our healing intention can be very powerful. Aren’t we fortunate that we can do that?

Why not try using G.I.V.E.S. as a reminder about caring for yourself?

Su Mason

Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay

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