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This Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing Festival will take place again

from 2nd to 4th of November at the NEC in Birmingham

and they’ll be showcasing Aspects of Healing through insightful talks, live healing demonstrations and immersive experiences.

Speakers will explore aspects of Healing through free talks covering diverse themes such as:

  • Energetic protection: what is it and how would you use it in your daily life?
  • Healing pets: how do pets heal us and what can we do when our emotions and feelings impact them?
  • Soul rescue healing: what is it and how can spiritual and psychic techniques be used to clear negativity?
  • Navigating ourselves through change: what tools and techniques can be used to take ownership and be captain of your own ship?
  • Healing work in the NHS: how does this work in practice?
  • Change your life using Shamanic insights: how can we address imbalances between mind, body and spirit?
  • ******

A workshop on DOWSING by Christopher Strong


Kennet Valley Hall, Overton Road


Plenty of free car parking available

TIME   –   10.30am to 3.30pm   Doors open 10 am

COST £40 payable in advance please

Cheques payable to Christopher Strong and sent to

Genevieve Overy, Mistletoe Cottage, Amage Road

WYE, Ashford, KENT TN25 5DF

Bank transfers also possible on request of details:

(01233) 813663


PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH (Microwave/ food warmer available)


General queries to (01672) 841219 after 27/09/18

(Or to the number above)

Treat yourself to an informative and entertaining day!


‘Womb Time’ Healing

Sundays 18th November, 2nd and 16th  December, 2018  10-5pm

£180 for all 3 days


In these workshops we will explore our development from conception to birth in a gentle, held environment that offers healing of our earliest patterns of trauma. These may manifest as:

  • A tendency to over control and organise your life
  • Feeling held back from full participation in life


The three days will each focus on one Trimester, during which you will experience:

  • Understanding of the biological processes of each Trimester
  • Increased clarity about the impact of your parents’ emotions and environment
  • Expanding yourself through breath, movement, nature and sound healing
  • Exploring your own and the Earth’s somatic body
  • Bringing vitality and restoration to the unique, living organism that is you


As these workshops touch into deeply embodied experiences, a prerequisite is engagement in therapy and commitment to your healing process. If you would like to take part, please email for details on how to apply.



Todmorden, West Yorkshire. We will be working in a ground-floor room but the only toilet is up a steep flight of stairs. We will be spending some time in each session working outside in hilly terrain but alternatives can be arranged if that is difficult.



Dr Jen Altman is a Biologist, Healer, Family Constellations Therapist and Artist working for many years to understand the effects of trauma on individuals and in families and working with pioneering somatic movement and quantum science methods such as the ‘Knowing Field’.


Alison Dhuanna McCabe is an internationally renowned Astrologer, whose work has focussed on the process of attachment and early trauma following her adoption of a child. Alison is a sound healer, SKHM Reiki Master and has trained in the Shamanic traditions of the Four Shields and Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa.


“Deep explorative healing which felt safely held. I appreciated Jen and Alison’s intuitive yet structured way of holding the group with humour and grace” Catherine, participant


…. And so the secrets unwind, skilfully navigating through the mystery that is our past. Clarifying, connecting and consoling with ease, kindness and a wisdom beyond what is in front or behind us: Guiding us to glimpse sideways, listening for a voice previously unheard, compassion always. My learning is profound, unexpected and readies me. My thanks to these extra-ordinary women, Alison and Jen. Rose, Participant



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