Online Spiritual Development

As part of our remit to the spiritual development of our Members and Associate Members, we run regular webinars on healing-related topics.


Source Attunement Healing
  • Source Attunement Healing clarified
  • The importance of raising our energetic vibrations
  • The three elements of Source Attunement Healing
  • Practising Source Attunement Healing
Distant Healing for a Large Number of Recipients
  • Distant Healing to a large numbers of recipients on a list
  • Intercession by a healer to Source energy, on the recipient’s behalf
  • Information about the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing – You can volunteer to become part of this group which send distant healing to people, animals and situations around the world
Healing via Telephone and Online Video
  • Uses for Telephone and Online Video Healing
  • How telephone and online video healing work
  • Key elements of Telephone Healing
  • Online Video Healing
  • Omnes Healing Telephone and Online Video Healing Service
  • Agreement by healers and clients
How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People
  • Awareness of Energy
  • Transfer of energy between human energy fields
  • The importance of keeping your energetic vibrations high
  • How visualisations work
  • Four visualisations to manage your energies
  • How to clear lower vibrational energy from a space

Please note that most of these online video seminars are for Members and Associate Members.
Friends of Omnes Healing and the Public are able to attend the online video seminar, 'How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People'. Please email to book a place on the next seminar.


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