Online Spiritual Development

As part of our remit to the spiritual development of our Members and Associate Members, we run regular webinars on healing-related topics.


Source Attunement Healing
  • Source Attunement Healing clarified
  • The importance of raising our energetic vibrations
  • The three elements of Source Attunement Healing
  • Practising Source Attunement Healing
Distant Healing for a Large Number of Recipients
  • Distant Healing to a large numbers of recipients on a list
  • Intercession by a healer to Source energy, on the recipient’s behalf
  • Information about the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing – You can volunteer to become part of this group which send distant healing to people, animals and situations around the world
Healing via Telephone and Skype
  • Uses for Telephone and Skype Healing
  • How telephone and Skype healing work
  • Key elements of Telephone Healing
  • Skype Healing
  • Omnes Healing Telephone and Skype Healing Service
  • Agreement by healers and clients
How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People
  • Awareness of Energy
  • Transfer of energy between human energy fields
  • The importance of keeping your energetic vibrations high
  • How visualisations work
  • Four visualisations to manage your energies
  • How to clear lower vibrational energy from a space

Please note that only Members and Associate Members are eligible to attend a webinar on this subject. Webinars are only suitable for people who are familiar with self-management of their energies. We suggest that Friends of Omnes Healing and the Public attend a workshop to ensure energetic wellbeing.



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