Healing and Communicating with Horses

‘What are you doing? What are you doing?‘ is the message I was impressed that the horse was communicating to me.

The owner of an equine centre had asked me to do healing for a horse. I met the horse and explained what I was going to do, but as I began the session I realised that I had obviously not explained well enough to Beauty about healing, so I proceeded to explain more thoroughly to her, telepathically. I then asked if she was happy for me to start the healing and she nervously agreed. During the healing session, Beauty’s mouth started making chewing motions and she licked her lips, indicating that she was thinking and was calm and relaxed. (The owner pointed this out to me).

Afterwards, she telepathically thanked me and I was thrilled to see her bow her head down, bringing it back up so that her eyes were at the level of my head, indicating trust and respect. She obviously enjoyed the healing session.

Can we really ‘talk’ to animals?

It may seem unbelievable that people can ‘talk’ with animals but telepathic communication is the oldest form of communication and is something we all have the ability to do. For some people this ability is naturally active, for others it lies latent until they re-activate it through a course or workshops, although the majority are not aware that they have this innate ability.

We know that everything is energy, including our thoughts. Logically, the transfer of energy through our thoughts can be received by another, including one from another species. The horse and myself both received the thought vibration and interpreted it in our own ‘language’. It really is wonderful to be able to share communication with other animals.

The next horse I was asked to see by the equine centre was a small grey called Silver. As I had made the mistake of not explaining about healing enough to Beauty, I proceeded to explain fully to Silver. Her response was, ‘Whatever! Just do it’.

After I had finished, I told the owner about the two horses’ different reactions to the explanation about what I was going to do and she burst out laughing. ‘That is so typical of each of them! Beauty is a very nervous horse and Silver is very laid back.’

Healing and communicating with animals can be very rewarding experiences which provide opportunities to positively influence relationships between:

  • the animal and their human carers
  • other animals they share their lives with
  • their environment and those who provide and control it

If you are interested in learning to do animal and equine healing or animal communication, there are specific courses where this is taught.

Su Mason

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