Can Anyone Be a Healer?

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Can anyone be a Spiritual Healer?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is a qualified ‘yes’.

The main qualification to be a healer is to be a kind person

How it works

The qualifications needed to be a healer are, first and foremost, to be a kind person and have the intention and desire to facilitate healing for all that needs healing: people, animals, plants, situations, places and, of course, our Planet Earth. Then, there needs to be individual spiritual development usually obtained via a course of study of the elements involved in healing as well as personal spiritual practice.

Some people are natural healers in that they are born with the gift of healing without any formal study. Most people, however, start with the desire to become a healer and then embark on their journey of spiritual development and raised consciousness.

Ideally, being a healer should be a way of life, accompanied by a willingness to serve others.

However not surprisingly in our complex society, healers must also be insured and show membership of an accredited national healing organisation which sets out acceptable nationally agreed standards of conduct and strict guidelines concerning work practices.

A word of caution is needed here. The only true reason to become a healer is the desire to help those in need. It is not spiritually ideal for would-be healers to have the main idea to earn a living from their healing work. Economic success may be a by-product of healing, but should not be the main aim.

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