How Healers can Help

At this challenging time for the world, there are a number of ways in which we as healers can help at this unique time of transformation. We have a choice in how we view the current pandemic and we can look at it in helpful ways:

We can only help others if we look after ourselves. We need to ensure that we manage our own energetic vibrations with self-care practices such as daily (at least) self-healing. Also, remember that keeping our energetic vibrations raised is the best form of protection.
Regularly saying an affirmation such as the following can help:
Thank you that I am completely healthy in my mind, body and spirit’ whilst visualising yourself filled with Source energy.

Healing of Others
As healers, we can have a huge part to play in raising the energetic vibration of the all people of the world to support them as they face their individual challenges.
We have the skill to link with Source and ask for energy rebalancing for all, without the need for direct contact. We are sure that most of you are already doing this regularly and that is the quiet gift of service that distant healing can bring.

People can request distant healing for free at Omnes Healing or they can have a one-to-one telephone or video link healing session (using Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger) with a qualified healer.

Staying Positive
We might feel small in comparison to the huge situation that the world is currently facing, but we can also help by refusing to add to fear. We can maintain a state of compassionate attuned presence and calmness. We can accept whatever unfolds, knowing that the bigger picture is not available to us at the moment and that in time, good may be revealed.

Remembering Who We Really Are
All people are part of Source who is Unconditional Love – We are not small, individual beings. We are individualisations of Source energy in human form. Consciously being aware of this allows us to realise our true magnificence, even whilst perhaps being in physical situations where we feel small. As connected beings of Unconditional Love this means that we are never truly alone. We only need to reach out in stillness and energetically link to our Source of Unconditional Love and this energy can fill our being, our soul, nurturing and reassuring us. (The Source Connection Visualisation exercise directly helps us to feel this)

We are eternal – This realisation is a big help. It can allow us to ‘see the big picture’ and re-frame our problems, if we understand that the issues we are currently experiencing are actually a very small part of our totality.

So let us realise that we can do much to make this world a better place for all. Let us as healers be a link to allow the Light of Source to completely fill the earth, its people and animals.

Su Mason and Kathleen Judd

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