Is a Healing Technique Essential? – Going Full Circle

When I first became aware that I could ‘channel’ healing energy, healing wasn’t even close to being accepted in the way that it is now. As a result I spent many years doing healing for friends and family intuitively and without any training. I finally got the opportunity to pursue a formal healing qualification and train with a well-known, respected healing organisation.

This included having to learn a designated, very formal, strict technique which I had to follow during a healing session, which was a total departure from what, until then, I had been doing intuitively – simply trusting that the energy I could feel coming out of my hands would help the recipient. It had always worked before; it was usual for me to receive positive feedback following the short, seemingly powerful sessions.

At first I was confused. I didn’t understand why it was necessary to ‘channel’ energy to specific parts of the client’s body in a set sequence, but I knew that healing energy goes to exactly where it is needed, so I just trusted that I was in the right place, doing the right thing for that part of my journey. I continued to work in the ‘new’ way, being very fortunate in having the total support, guidance and assistance of the Leeds Healing Centre at the time.

As I progressed, on several occasions I found myself unable to do the taught technique because my hands and body were somehow rendered immobile by an ‘unseen force’, which I now recognise as Source. I managed to resolve this dichotomy by devising a much-simplified version of the technique, which seemed to help the healing sessions to flow better whilst still being deemed ‘suitable’. I continued to work in this way, streamlining things as I went along and pleasing everyone except myself – I still felt there was something missing.

Healing without Technique

Some years later I was fortunate enough to be invited, via a healer friend, to do some ‘Higher Attunement’ training. On this course I was taught how to achieve a stronger attunement directly to Source and simply allow the healing energy to flow to the recipient, without having to use any technique at all. Of course, all the usual issues of protection, practicality and client interaction still applied, but for me this was the missing link; a bridge between my natural, intuitive way of working and all that I had learned since those very early days – a perfect way of combining the two. I felt much more comfortable with this and knew that it was the way I would work from then on. Very positive client feedback confirmed that I was on the right track and I still work that way now.

I agree that a healing technique can be very useful and some healers feel it’s essential.  However, whilst the early healer training courses and associated mentoring I received were an integral part of my personal & spiritual growth and healer development, the Higher Attunement training took me full circle, right back to where I started; the place where I feel most at ease as a healer practitioner. It also gave me a greater understanding of the importance of a strong link to Source, how healing energy works and how much more effective it can be with the minimum amount of ‘doing’ on the part of the healer.

Kathleen Judd

The Omnes Healing courses teach Source Attunement Healing to UK Healers standards. If you would like information about learning to do Source Attunement Healing, which emphasises Attunement to Source over technique, please click here

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