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Develop as a Healer with Omnes Healing - Realise your Potential

You may be someone who would like to become a healer, or has an interest in healing in general.

You may be looking for appropriate management of, or guidance for, an increased ‘awareness of energy’ in its various forms. It might be that:

If you would like to work with your awareness for the benefit of yourself and others, our Healer Development Courses will help you to reach your full potential.

What you will learn

Our comprehensive, experiential course teaches Spiritual Healing (also known as Energy Re-Balancing).
We teach how to link directly to the Source of the healing energy to allow it to flow to the recipient
This Source Attunement Healing does not use an external technique and the need for self-care and self-development of the students is emphasised

Omnes Healing offers a two-level Healer Development Course:

Omnes Healing offers a two-level Healer Development Course:

Year 1: Healer Foundation Course

Provides healer development to a standard of being competent to do healing for friends and family
Monthly and Quarterly Payment Options Available

£400 – Standard Price

£300 – For Qualified Healers (to UK Healers or The confederation of Healing Organisations standards), Reiki Masters and Concessions (For people on benefits or a low income)

Payment Options

Various payment options are available. All course fees may be paid in the following ways:

Full amount in advance

Monthly payments

Per day

Your preferred payment option can be selected when you book the course.

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