Since Leeds Healing Centre first opened its doors back in 1992 at Centenary House, Leeds, West Yorkshire, our team of volunteer healers has helped thousands of people.

Each Friday, currently at The Burley Lodge Centre in Leeds, our healing team offer support and healing to our visitors. Here you can meet with Omnes healers working alongside healers and student members from other healing organisations.

People attend the centre with a wide range of conditions they require some help with, from stress and sleeplessness, right through to more physical problems such as arthritis and cancer. Some people simply come along because they love how relaxed they feel during a healing session and find it helps them cope better with daily life. Through the years many of our visitors have gone on to train to become healers themselves, I was one of them! When healing helped me through a difficult patch back in the year 2000, I knew that this was something I really wanted to train in.

At Leeds Healing Centre, we see healing as a way of assisting the rebalancing of a person’s mind, body and spirit. Healing is a completely natural process that promotes better health by the channelling of healing energies from the Universal Source of All That Is. The healer simply attunes to this loving energy and channels it to the recipient. This can help to relax the body and mind, release tensions and stimulate self-healing. As a result, most people find themselves in a state of peace and may find relief from their condition, with a calmer approach to life and how they manage their situation.

At our healing centre, each week we give grateful thanks for being channels for Source energy and for being able to keep up the tradition of offering healing every week for 25 years. Long may this continue!

Our team at Leeds Healing Centre look forward to welcoming you very soon. Just drop in any time between noon and 2.30pm any Friday, no appointments are necessary.

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