Let’s Join Forces for Distant Healing!

We are offering all healers & student healers, from ANY healing or Reiki organisation, 6-months free access to our thriving Distant Healing Network

At Omnes we think it is a good idea to bring Healers and Reiki Practitioners together at this time of global health crisis. Our combined efforts will surely make a massive difference.

We warmly invite you to join the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing in addition to the valuable distant healing work you are probably already doing.

During the six months, as part of this distant healing community, you will also:

  • Have access to our private ‘Omnes Healing Members’ Community Group’ on Facebook
  • If you have not already learned to do distant healing for more than one person at a time, or would like a refresher on ‘how to,’ you can do our e-seminar, Distant Healing for a Large Number of Recipients FREE OF CHARGE (normal cost is £10) which is available 24/7 on our website.
  • Receive Omnes Voice – our regular, twice monthly emailed newsletter which contains:
    • Regular articles
    • News updates
    • An inspirational quote
    • Contributions from our members

As healers, we are all being increasingly called upon to help those in crisis due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Huge numbers of people are gripped by panic and fear, a great many of them having to cope with either their own symptoms, or the illness or loss of someone close, leaving them feeling beleaguered and not knowing where to turn for support.

World leaders, healthcare professionals, the emergency services and millions of others in a caring role also need more than just physical support. Healers are already aware of the immense power and effectiveness of distant healing – even when the recipient hasn’t personally requested it.

The Omnes Circle of Distant Healing is a voluntary network made up of our community of Members, Associate Members and Students, who regularly send out distant healing to large numbers of people and situations in global locations. We’d love to you join it!

How it works is that at the beginning of each month, the members of the distant healing group are sent an e-mailed list of the names of recipients. In addition, they receive emails throughout the month, requesting distant healing for those in urgent need – currently this is daily, though usually it is every few days.

Distant healing can be sent to each person, animal or situation named on the list, as frequently or infrequently as the healers wish or have time for.

We’d love Healers, Student Healers and Reiki Practitioners to join together to help the world at this time of severe health challenge

How do I Join?

To join our distant healing community, please click here

You will then receive an automatic email stating your username and password for access to the member’s side of the website and then a further one with more information about the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing.

Let’s join together to make a difference at this time of need for the world!

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