Living From a Place of Unconditional Love:

How Unconditional Living Transformed my Life

It has been my experience that one can say absolutely anything to absolutely anyone, as long as it is said from a place of Unconditional Love.

As a lifelong empath, (not to mention a natural product of environmental and societal conditioning), I have always found going against the grain to be challenging in the extreme. I would have run a mile to avoid disappointing anyone or, God Forbid, deal with a ‘Conflict’, since their emotions went straight to my solar plexus every time! I was, in short, a classic people-pleaser.

Everything changed in 2018, however, when I found myself catapulted into a full spiritual awakening in the aftermath of  a family tragedy. Within the space of a couple of months, I discovered that my current way of being was no longer an option. For one, I now craved solitude and silence, instead of spending every waking hour looking after those around me in the mistaken belief that they actually needed me to do this. Two, I had discovered the bliss of meditation; had witnessed the stunning beauty of the entire Universe opening up within me; watched in amazement as intricate fractals, stars, scripts and formulae, faces, places and unknown worlds all burst forth with kaleidoscopic brilliance from a place deep within my consciousness. I was hooked, and I needed an hour a day of uninterrupted solitude to indulge my new discovery.

Eureka! However, it wasn’t until I discovered Omnes during the lockdown of 2020 that my modus operandi really began to transform. I devoured learnings I had been thirsting for all my life, only half conscious of the hollow void in my existence, and the first of these to make an enormous impact was the need for self-care to maintain a state of high energetic vibration.

The Source Attunement sessions quite simply blew me away. I had never imagined such an overwhelming feeling of pure, blissful, unconditional, all-consuming Love. I just wanted to bask in the joy of my connection to Source forever; to attune at every opportunity; to use this wondrous love in my relationships and to help people, animals and the world at large.

I began a practice of attuning to Source when handling difficult situations at work, when dealing with lower vibrational people, or with people in pain, and even when facing the dreaded ‘Conflict’. I have been able, for the first time in my adult life, to express my true feelings without being crippled by the fear of offending my listener; to set healthy boundaries whilst simultaneously finding words of compassion and diplomacy. Which brings me back to my original subject: One can say absolutely anything to absolutely anyone when it is said from a place of Unconditional Love, and the words spoken will be received almost unfailingly with grace and goodwill.

I have reached the conclusion that when one’s entire being is flooded with the brilliant light of such Divine Love, others recognise and respond to it. It radiates from us like a beacon, positively affecting everyone whose lives we touch. Those who used to be confrontational soften; those who were unhappy begin to smile again; those whose minds were closed begin to open up; heaviness and anger melt away to be replaced by lightness and joy. And sometimes our presence alone has the same effect, without the need for words in the first place.

I still need my hour a day of solitude, but I no longer require it for meditation. There can be no greater gift to Humanity than the Unconditional Love and Peace of Divine Source Energy.

Heather Rennison

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Images: Alexas_Fotos & Gerd Altmann at Pixabay



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