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Omnes Healing aims to provide Members with increased opportunities for healing work.
You can do paid Omnes Healing Telephone and Online Video Link Healing (via Skype/ WhatsApp/ FaceTime/ Facebook Messenger/ Zoom, etc.) if you are:
To access a ‘Healing via Telephone and Online Video,’ please click here.
Healers should please:

Why the Online Tutorial and e-seminar?

If you would like your name to be added to our list of members who provide this service, please complete and send us the form below 

We appreciate that many of you will already be doing Source Attunement Healing as your healing practice, but we want to be clear what we mean by this concept.

You may or may not learn anything new but hopefully you will find it either a recap or complementary to your usual practice.

You might be interested to know that much of the content of the Source Attunement online tutorial is channeled from Source.

This tutorial covers:

  •  Source Attunement Healing (SAH) clarified
  •  Importance of raising our energetic vibrations
  •  The three steps of Source Attunement Healing
  •  Practice the steps of SAH
  •  A Source channelling about SAH
  •  Steps of a SAH session

Although you may be familiar with doing healing via telephone and online video, this short e-seminar clarifies the key elements of this form of distant healing to ensure effective healing which maximises your client’s and your own energetic wellbeing.

Following these key elements also ensures that your insurance for telephone and online video healing remains valid.

This e-seminar can be accessed at anytime and covers:

  •  Uses of Telephone and online video Healing
  •  How they work
  •  Key elements of Telephone Healing
  •  Online Video Healing
  •  Omnes Healing Telephone and Online Video Healing Service
  •  Agreement by healers and clients

An online tutorial is more interactive than simply reading a document on a subject. It can be more experiential by providing an opportunity for sharing questions and answers.


How can I become an Omnes Healing Telephone or online Video Healer?

We would love you to join this group! If you would like to do so, please complete the form below: