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Circle of Distant Healing

Distant Healing & The Omnes Circle of Distant Healing

Omnes Healing aims to provide Members and Associate Members with increased opportunities for healing work and so offers the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing.
This email network of healer volunteers sends distant healing (which is essentially intercession by a healer to Source) to a large number of recipients whose names are on a regularly updated email list.
  •  You will receive a monthly e-mailed list of the names of recipients. In addition, you will receive emails throughout the month, requesting distant healing for those in urgent need: sometimes this is daily; sometimes every few days.
  •  Distant healing can be sent to everyone named on the list, as frequently as you wish. This means that each person, animal or situation on the list will receive healing via all the members of the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing at various times of the day or week, throughout the month.
  •  At the end of each month the network Co-ordinator will e-mail the members of the distant healing circle, requesting the names for whom healing is being requested for the coming month.
  •  At the beginning of each month a new, full list of recipient names (comprising names sent from the healers in the circle and from the website) is sent out.
  •  A network member may contact the Co-ordinator, via email, at any time to request urgent healing for someone.
  •  Feedback on the outcome for recipients is encouraged. Any feedback received is usually included in the next Distant Healing e-mail that is sent out.

Any Member or Associate Member can join.

We would encourage you to attend the free Source Attunement Interactive Online Tutorial & the e-seminar, ‘Distant Healing for a large number of recipients’ (available 24/7) but this is not a requirement. (To access click here and when you reach the Checkout page click the e-seminar link at the top)

The reason why Omnes Healing asks that the Online Interactive Tutorial and e-seminar are attended prior to joining the Circle of Distant Healing is threefold:

1) We wish to promote Source Attunement Healing.

We appreciate that many of you will already be doing Source Attunement Healing as your healing practice, but we want to be clear what we mean by this concept. You may or may not learn anything new but hopefully you will find it either a recap or complementary to your usual practice. You might be interested to know that much of the content of the Source Attunement interactive online tutorial is channeled from Source.

The tutorial covers:

• Source Attunement Healing clarified

• The importance of raising our energetic vibrations

• The three elements of Source Attunement Healing

• Practising Source Attunement Healing

 2) Although it is highly likely that the organisation with which you trained taught distant healing, you might not be familiar with sending distant healing to a large number of recipients, whether these are people, animals or situations. Our short e-seminar (available 24/7) clarifies the key elements of providing effective distant healing to a large number of recipients.

 3) An online interactive tutorial is more interactive than simply reading a document on a subject. It can be more experiential by providing an opportunity for sharing questions and answers.

A network member may contact the Co-ordinator, via email, at any time to request urgent healing for someone: admin@omneshealing

Join the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing

We would love you to join this distant healing group!

Please complete the brief form:

Email: admin@omneshealing to book a place on the next online Source Attunement Healing tutorial (cost £20). For Members and Associate Members only.

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