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We would like to offer our experienced Members who are qualified to The Confederation of Healing Organisations standards the opportunity to act as mentors for our students and less experienced healers.

We hope that the following information will be helpful to you if you decide that you would like be of service in this way or, alternatively, would like to receive mentoring.

In either case, please complete the relevant form at the bottom of this page.

The level and duration of mentor support for student healers varies throughout the many healing organisations currently in existence.

Some have substantial but strictly limited mentor support available, while others offer very little or none at all.

At Omnes Healing we are aware of the importance and value of a mentor during a person’s development as a healer.

We offer our students and less experienced healer members the essential support of a mentor, not only during the qualification year as a student but also a little way into their future as a qualified healer.

This prevents them from feeling ‘abandoned’ when they have qualified, something that can leave them beleaguered and occasionally out of their depth with clients.

Someone who is developing as a healer will also be on a journey of self-development and spiritual expansion.

The resultant changes they experience in all aspects of their lives can leave them feeling confused and unsure of how to deal with such things.

In some cases this leads to their feeling unable to continue in that particular direction, mainly due to the absence of someone who has ‘been there already’ and can meet them where they are, having some understanding of the issues they face.

Key Information

A mentor can gently guide a student or less experienced healer through challenges and difficulties as they arise: for example, help them to feel confident to move forward and more comfortable with their new ‘way of being’; explain that what they are experiencing is often nothing more than part of their journey of development and growth.

In addition, a mentor can share knowledge and experience gained via their own spiritual journey. This will help the mentee to deal with any concerns, fears or frustrations, not only in connection with their development as a healer but also with the possible effects of their spiritual progression at a personal level.

Being nurtured in this way can have a profound, positive effect on the mentee, allowing them to feel supported and enabling them to be the best that they can be at each stage of their development.

The needs of each individual will differ, dependent on such things as:

  • their confidence levels
  • personal or family commitments
  • acceptance of, or resistance to, their chosen path by family / friends
  • any previous experience of healer training

A mentor needs to be prepared to take these and similar issues into account when dealing with the knock-on effect they can have on someone’s ability to learn and grow, especially if that person is very sensitive, as healers-in-the-making generally are.

Students and inexperienced healers invariably struggle with certain aspects of learning to be a healer. Some of the more common problems they might experience are:

  • inadequate energetic protection
  • the inability to effectively ground themselves and their client
  • inability to attain sufficient mental clarity and stillness to enable attunement to Source
  • inability to maintain attunement to Source once established
  • being too focussed on a positive outcome for the client
  • difficulty raising their own energetic frequency
  • concern about being harshly judged by observers
  • inability to be dispassionate
  • difficulty observing client demeanour during energy rebalancing

If they recognise that someone is having difficulty with issues of this nature, a mentor can suggest adjustment or change using sensitivity, diplomacy, patience and understanding, without causing the mentee embarrassment or a sense of failure.

Many people are already unofficially ‘mentoring’ friends, colleagues or young people without realising that they are doing so. They don’t seek or need that title; they are just naturally gifted with many of the qualities and character traits that a mentor requires. They unknowingly inspire others simply by being who they are.

For a person who is assigned to assist in the development and spiritual growth of a healer, however, there are certain criteria to meet. They will most definitely need to be someone who has no fixed agenda on the subject, whose sole aim is to support and guide, with no thought of reward for their input other than delight in observing the positive progress of their ‘protégé’.


One small cautionary note:

Not everyone who embarks on the journey of healer development arrives happily at their destination. Occasionally, following the investment of much time and effort by their mentor, a student will decide that they are either not cut out to be a healer or unforeseen circumstances prevent them from continuing.

It is worth bearing in mind that whatever is gained during a mentor/mentee relationship is never lost and will always be valued, though sometimes not put to use for its originally intended purpose. If all that we do is done with love, nothing is ever a waste of time.

An Omnes Healing mentor will be required to fulfill their role during a student’s Qualification Course year, possibly continuing for a short time after assessment panel and qualification, until sufficient knowledge and confidence is gained by the student to ‘go it alone’.

The need for continuing support usually tails off fairly quickly. Further contact will probably be nothing more than an occasional phone call when, for example, the mentee finds themselves in unfamiliar territory with the needs of a client. The important thing is that they know that help is available from a trusted advisor.

There may also be healers of all levels of ability who have qualified with other organisations (Associate Members) who are learning Source Attunement Healing and need the support of a mentor for a short while.

You will need to meet the following criteria:

  •  to have trained with Omnes Healing or successfully completed the Source Attunement Online Tutorial and be practising Source Attunement Healing on a regular basis
  •  be qualified with a Confederation of Healing Organisations accredited organisation for a minimum of 1 year or have previous mentoring or similar experience e.g. student /apprentice supervision
  •  not be closely related to the student (partner or family member)
  •  To provide support on a one-to-one basis. If mentoring more than one person, some group mentoring sessions may be held, with the consent of the mentees.
  •  To ensure that a student has met the following criteria prior to panel application: In order to meet The Confederation of Healing Organisations accreditation requirements, during the Foundation and Qualification Courses students will complete 97 hours of training. In addition, there are another 103 hours of healing experience and spiritual development for which the student is responsible, to total a minimum of 200 hours. These should comprise:
    • 6 hours (minimum) of face-to-face sessions with a mentor
      • These can be split into convenient times, such as regular half-hour sessions or three 2-hour sessions.
      • Some (but not all) sessions can be via online video if practicality requires this.
      • The mentor will need to sign and date each session on the record sheet.
      • The mentor should observe the student doing healing at least three times and the last time needs to be no more than 3 months before application to the Student Assessment Panel.
    • 40 hours (minimum) of recorded supervised healing practice outside the classroom, which can include:
      • Healing Individuals with distant supervision – the recipient’s signature is required on the record table
      • Animal healing – the owner’s signature is required
      • Healing at a Healing Centre
      • Healing at outside events (such as at a healing stand at an exhibition)
      • Attendance at Healer Development Groups
      • Up to 5 hours of healing via telephone or online video
    • 57 hours (minimum) of personal development. This can include:
      • Continued self-reflection in their spiritual journal
      • Meditation / Visualisation Exercises
      • Attending spiritually focussed courses or workshops
      • Reading spiritual books

    Please note: If a student does not have access to a healing centre, a development group or healing exhibition work, the mentor will need to facilitate any shortfall. This can be in the form of face-to-face contact, telephone calls or online video meetings.

  •  To monitor the completion of the student development record (electronic form and ‘outside event’ hard copy) throughout.
  •  To provide a report on the student’s readiness for panel application. Please note that if more than 5 years elapses between a student completing training and applying for Assessment Panel with Omnes Healing, extra attention will need to be paid to all areas of the applicant’s development to ensure success.


Online Video Mentoring

In certain circumstances face to face meetings with mentees are not possible due to distance or other constraints, but this needn’t prevent you from being an Omnes Healing mentor. Online video mentoring is an option you might like to consider if both parties have the means to facilitate this.

Please be aware that mentors may not charge for their voluntary services. Travel expenses, if agreed in advance by both parties, may be paid by the mentee.

In certain circumstances a mentor may need to withdraw their services, either temporarily or permanently.

Where a change of mentor becomes necessary, this must be recorded in the student development record, stating clearly why the changes have been made and the time period covered by each mentor. The hours which have been completed with the original mentor can be counted towards the total hours required.

In such cases, it is recommended that the respective mentors liaise with one another regarding the student member’s ongoing needs and progress.

The Omnes Healing administrator must be advised of the changes as soon as possible, so that another mentor may be allocated where necessary.

Recommended topics for mentor/ student discussion

Anyone who is learning to be a healer will have a million questions they need answers to and many things to discuss with their mentor. Below is a list of topics we recommend that a mentor considers for discussion with someone who is ‘under their wing’.

Inclusion of these subjects, where appropriate, will ensure that some of the most important aspects of a healer’s development are covered.

To be a mentor with Omnes Healing

If you would like to offer your services as a mentor with Omnes Healing, please complete the form below.

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of being a mentor before applying, please email our Mentoring Co-ordinator on

On application to be a mentor, the Mentor Co-ordinator will contact you to discuss your relevant experience and any questions or concerns that you may have in this area.

This will ensure that as a future mentor you will be fully aware of what is involved in mentoring with Omnes Healing before making a commitment.

Request for Mentoring

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