My Amazing Visit from the Spirit World

I would like to introduce you to my son David.

David was born on the 23rd December 1971. As a child he was mischievous and funny, popular in class and popular with the girls as he grew into a handsome young man.

He really was the life and soul of any party, but David kept a deeply hidden secret from the people he knew and loved. He was in his 20s when he disclosed that from around 7 years old he had suffered from OCD. Although this greatly affected his everyday life he channelled his energy into keeping fit and Karate, which of course requires discipline. He was successful enough to be chosen for the England team and fought around the world. Although he was fighting his own battles on a daily basis, he did manage to go to university and get his degree in medical sciences.  When he was 25 years old he developed encephalitis, which left him with depression, which in turn left him with the inability to cope with his increasingly debilitating OCD. David found the only way he could cope was to self-medicate on Class A drugs.

On the 3rd of November 2005 David went back home to the spirit world. The coroner recorded accidental death caused by a congenital heart defect and the drugs. (We were unaware of the heart defect). Of course I was devastated, but also knowing that he was no longer suffering in his deepening depression helped somewhat.

In the weeks that followed, David tried many times in various ways to let me know he was still around and some of the antics he got up to were witnessed by others. I was also aware that he was around, but just couldn’t physically see him because of course he was on a much higher vibrational level of energy. That is, until approximately 3 months after his transition.

The Visit

I went to bed one evening and the next thing I knew, I was sitting at my dressing table looking through the mirror when I saw David standing behind me. I dare not turn around for fear he would disappear. David knew my thoughts and said, ‘Its ok mum you can turn around, I won’t disappear’. I slowly turned around and just gazed in wonder at him, for the first time in years his smile actually reached his eyes and lit up his whole being. I reached out to touch his hand and he felt in solid form.

He said, ‘Mum I’m fine now and very happy’, and I could tell he truly was. He said, ‘Mum I want to show you where I live now, so  you will see what a wonderful place it truly is’. 

We found ourselves inside what appeared to be like a large stately home. We were on the top floor of the building, the windows were of the large sash type. We sat side by side with our legs dangling out of one of the windows, looking outside on to what I can only describe as breath-taking beauty. We looked out onto a large garden, the flowers were of such vibrant colours which I have never seen before or since. There was also a vegetable plot. David said, ‘Mum just look at that cabbage, it’s only just been planted’. The cabbage was pulsating with energy and growing before my eyes! I knew that the significance of him showing me this was to see the difference in the heightened vibrational energy.

After some time we left the room and David said, ‘Mum I want to show you something else’. The house had many rooms. He led me into a large room that was shaped like a semi-circle, it had balconies all around and the walls were lined with shelves that were full of books and ledgers. There were people moving silently around the room. We sat down and David said, ‘Mum anything you ever want to know is here’. I thought of a question, but before I could voice it someone sat beside me and gave me the answer. There was no need for the spoken word, everything was known telepathically.

We came home back to my bedroom. After a while David said, ‘Mum you know I have to go now but you know I’m alright don’t you?’ David hasn’t been back in this form since to visit me, but he continues to give me evidence that he is around, which is the greatest comfort a Mother could have.

I have been told by more than one reliable medium that David is doing a very important job where he is now. I am very proud of him.

I firmly believe that this experience was what is sometimes known as a ‘visitation dream’.

Image by Willgard Krause at Pixabay

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