My Spiritual Journey – Part 4

After completing my Healer Training and becoming a fully qualified Healer, the journey continued and presented me with even more life changing experiences that I simply was not ready for.

When I was made redundant from a job which I initially enjoyed, it felt very stressful, but I now realise that it gave me the time & opportunity to move away from an environment and area of work that I was no longer in vibrational resonance with.

Later, the loss of a family member in what can only be described as shocking and heartbreakingly tragic circumstances, whilst also supporting my terminally ill sister who then passed away within nine months, took me down to an unprecedentedly low level. Coming to terms with these events and witnessing the devastating emotional impact this has had on both myself and my family has been my biggest test so far. I know that I only managed to stay afloat because of the required adjustments I have made to my way of being.

The way I dealt with life before becoming a Healer has completely changed.

The importance of working on myself

I have realised how important it is to work on myself and ensure that I am as energetically strong and balanced as possible before assisting others. I can honestly say that the relationship that I previously had with myself has also significantly changed.

As I continue to grow spiritually and my relationships change as a result, I recognise that I am not responsible for fixing issues or fulfilling the needs or demands of others.

When challenges arise I am now able to send love, knowing that challenges are a part of the journey and that I always have a choice as to how I respond energetically to people and situations.

The support of Omnes Healing

When I was offered the opportunity to be involved with OMNES Healing, despite the life challenges I was working through it was an immediate yes! OMNES Healing is a progressive uplifting organisation, with a varied interactive community, which has supported me and enabled me to continue to grow and expand energetically and spiritually.

In addition, learning to do Source Attunement Healing has lifted my healing work to a level I never thought possible.

I now know that the challenges that I have experienced and ‘grown’ through have given me an inner strength, compassion and unconditional love that I share to assist others who come to me for help in times of need, helping to positively uplift and overcome.

From a place of inner peace and Divine unconditional Love, I am now able to share these experiences of my journey.

Sophia Flemming

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