My Near Death Experience

I’d like to share a bit about my Near Death Experience that happened just after I was born, to help other healers who have mixed natural abilities of mediumship and healing, as I do, to know that it is possible to do both things and be able to keep them separate.  

When my mum was pregnant with me in 1969, she fell down the stairs at work and was taken to a miscarriage ward. A student doctor noticed I was breathing, which was a miracle back then as I was 3.5 months early. I was transferred to St Mary’s hospital in Leeds West Yorkshire, where I died several times and was brought back to life under the care of Sister Burton. I was in an incubator for 6 months before being sent home, and I was told that on leaving the hospital every window was filled with nurses to wave me off. They gave me a silver spoon as a gift.  I was in the local newspaper, the headline was “Miracle Baby” This would have been printed when I got home 6 months after being born.

I was said to be no bigger than a small square kitchen tile and weighed 1lb 11 ounces. My eyes were the same size as a bird, a normal towelling nappy would have to be cut into 6 pieces to fit me, and my cot had to be a 3-tier vegetable rack as I was so tiny. One day when I was about 7 months old, our house in Hunslet, Leeds, was broken into. When the intruder saw me so tiny in my make-shift vegetable rack cot, according to my mum he left a £20 note on me and left without taking a single thing. 

When I died as a baby I was about 7 years old in the spirit world and I still remember every detail of what happened whilst I was there. I found myself climbing stairs, because when children are passing they climb stairs rather than going through a tunnel of light. I got help all the way up the stairs, which were lined with spirit people all the way to the top. They were willing me to climb and projecting such profound love and affection that I felt reassured and much loved.

It was if I had known them before but they were complete strangers. I arrived in this beautiful meadow and wonderful garden. The sun was bright, birds were singing and there were beautiful rainbows of colour. I knew I was home. 

My attention was brought to a steeple aligned with a small wall and I was met by passed family, who I knew without anyone saying a word.  My gran that I never met smiled and said “Gary it’s not your time, you must go back and live your life”. She had the most rosy red cheeks.  I was overwhelmed with the feeling of LOVE and PEACE. I didn’t want to leave and pleaded to stay, but in a flash I was back in my body.

I was able to communicate with spirit at the age of 7 earth years, which I still find strange to this day as I was 7 in spirit years in the spirit world.  My spirit guide Norman speaks and guides me, but he steps aside when I’m doing healing as the two must be kept separate so my attunement to Source stays strong. I know the path has brought me to Omnes to fulfill my journey as a healer.

Gary Kendall

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

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