My New Year’s Resolution List

New Year’s resolution number 1:
Do more caring for myself – by making sure I spend more time each day to uplift my soul

New Year’s resolution number 2:
Do more caring for myself – Ditto

New Year’s resolution number 3:
I think you get the picture.

Last year I was guilty of doing too much and not being enough. The result was an illness which made me stop. I simply did not have a choice. It was an interesting lesson in listening to the self, making me spend time to nourish my soul and recover.

This experience of being made to stop is a common theme amongst therapists, healthcare workers, teachers, carers, parents, grandparents, probation officers, police officers, doctors, social workers, etc. – To be honest, anyone who does not care for themselves as much as they do others.

Caring for ourselves is not selfish.
If you give so much of your own energy away to others that you are running on empty and finally crash, how are you going to carry on helping others? So often we have to become ill to realise that how we are managing our life has to change.
Surely it’s much better to take regular time to give to ourselves so that we continually top up our batteries. We will then still be available to others, but in a much healthier way for ourselves.

How do we give to ourselves?
There are many different methods, but to be a true gift to our self it must be a way which increases our energetic vibration. It must be a way which nourishes us.
Some examples are:
– Regular meditation
– Mindfulness practice
– Yoga / Tai Chi practice
– Visualisations to raise our energetic vibration*
– Quiet contemplation
– Centering Prayer
– Chanting
– Play
– Being in the company of those who uplift us

What is not giving nourishment to our self?
Surprisingly, many activities which we find relaxing, such as, watching television or films, playing video games, reading books with a negative topic (e.g. murder mysteries). These may be relaxing in that they are not work, but they do not provide sustenance to our minds, bodies and souls. They do not raise our energetic vibration.

Make a promise to yourself
Allow time to uplift yourself every day. It makes sense. We all know this, but rarely give ourselves the priority. For our New Year’s resolution, let us start giving frequent, enjoyable, nourishing, energetic boosts to ourselves. Our world will be healthier and happier if we do.

Su Mason

*For an Energ-Eased CD or download which contains many visualisations to raise energetic vibration, visit here.

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