My Spiritual Journey 2

Having learnt Reiki in 1999 I felt the benefit of continuing to practice some of the protection exercises I had been taught. However, I was aware my energy levels would suddenly drop at times, leaving me feeling less motivated than usual and lacking in energy.

I observed that this regularly occurred when I walked into different environments – the office after team meetings, around some of my colleagues and when I visited some of the clients who I supported on a daily basis.

It was in the summer of 2004 that I entered the Leeds Healing Centre for the first time. I had heard about this centre and was keen to know more.

My first impression on entering the Centre was I felt the room to be calm and still, I was openly welcomed and the healers appeared to have a peaceful demeanor which was very reassuring.

The act of healing was thoroughly explained, my questions all answered and before I knew it the healing session began.

I initially felt the healer’s hands touching me lightly on my shoulders. I became warm and light as if I had entered a very still and supported place. It was very unusual for me to be feeling this even though I knew that I was sitting on a chair in the room at the Healing Centre.

For the first time in a long while I felt safe and unburdened of day to day stress, my mind was clear and I felt free.

When the session ended I was given some water and it was explained to me that my energies had been balanced. I was also advised that it would be beneficial if I was able to come for the next few weeks to maintain my energies.

I was in awe and felt humbled to have been able to receive this healing.

I walked out of the building feeling taller, with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes. I skipped back to my car and realised that this was what was missing in my life and was what I now needed to maintain strength and balance in my mind, body and spirit.

I noticed I was better able to deal with stress, was noticeably calmer and no longer reacted in the same way to the behaviours of others. I became a regular visitor to the centre, bringing with me many colleagues, family and friends. Never would I have imagined in my wildest dreams what was to come next.

Sophia Flemming

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